Recent Additions


Connectivity and Racial Equity in Responding to COVID-19 Impacts in the Chicago Regional Food System
Rowan Obach, Tania Schusler, Paulina Vaca, Sydney Durkin, and Ma'raj Sheikh


College Student Food Security during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Frances Rafferty, Tania Schusler, and Mariana Valencia Mestre


Predictors of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Asian Indian Communities in the US: A Cross-sectional Descriptive Study
Anne Luckose, Nisha Mathews, Sujayalakshmi Devarayasamudram, Lydia Albuquerque, and Maya Joseph


Relevance of Blood Coagulation Factors IX and X to Thrombin Generation Profile and Biomarkers of Thrombogenesis in Pulmonary Embolism Patients
Dilany Aliaga, Fakiha Siddiqui, Debra Hoppensteadt, Bulent Kantarcioglu, Jawed Fareed, and Amir Darki


Effect of Isolation Guidelines on Patient Care
Morgan Pifer, Sergio Garcia, Bre Maney, and Jane Kim


Climate Change and Human Health: A Novel Elective Curriculum for Medical Students
Amanda Sifferlen, Emma Stewart, Sara Alattar, Aaron J. Michelfelder MD, Amy R. Blair MD, and Jennifer Rogers


Women on their Way (WOW) Community Health Clinical
Leah Mc Clellan, Octavio Campos, and Mary McNamara


Evaluating the Impact of Asthma Education in Hospitalized Pediatric Patients: A Pilot Test
Rochelle Sowa, Cornelia Johnson, and Susan C. Vonderheid

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