Templates and Resources for Authors

How to Write a Cover Letter for Journal Article Submission

Many journals, like JCSHESA, require authors to submit a cover letter alongside their submission detailing the manuscripts’ key points and alignment with the journal. This helps editors get a feel for the manuscript. Writing a persuasive cover letter is particularly important because it invites the editor to understand why your work is important and a good fit for their journal. Essentially, a cover letter provides editors a first impression of your manuscript.

We've created a template cover letter with guidelines to help facilitate your submission process with us. While this template is unique to our journal, it can be easily adapted for other publication venues.

Download our journal cover letter template here.

How to Write a Cover Letter for “Revise and Resubmit” Submission

During a closed review process, authors may be asked to revise their manuscript and resubmit for another round of reviews—this step is often referred to as “Revise and Resubmit”. Many journals, like JCSHESA, require authors to submit a Revise and Resubmit (R&R) cover letter and table alongside their revised manuscript detailing the changes made to the manuscript. The cover letter is meant to highlight major changes made (or not made) to the manuscript, while the table is meant to be more comprehensive, summarizing reviewers’ feedback and explaining how they responded to each comment.

Writing a compelling R&R letter that responds to the reviewers’ relevant feedback allows the editor to understand your updated manuscript best. The cover letter and table help editors and reviewers understand what pertinent feedback was incorporated into your revised manuscript and how your paper was strengthened as a result.

We’ve created a template R&R letter with parameters to support you through the publication process. As this template is tailored to our journal, its accessibility can be modified for various journal venues.

Download our revise and resubmit cover letter template here.