Engaging today’s issues in higher education requires strong analytical tools that can address the complex nature of our institutional systems and their involved actors. This paper forwards a critical race institutional logics perspective (CRILP). CRILP examines both organizations as they are embedded in a neoliberal and racist society and actor identity, agency, decision-making, and their relation to power. It is important to centralize actor-level racial identity and intersecting identities as race and racism are still pervasive in today’s society. Additionally, the current state of higher education as a market-driven entity leads to thinking about the ways that neoliberalism have permeated the policies and practices in higher education and the ways that the outcomes of neoliberalism affect the work of diversity, equity, and justice, and those who do that work, in higher education. The combination of both organizational level and actor level analysis plays an important role in painting a broader, and yet specific, picture of the landscape of higher education. As a result, decision-makers can attend to specific ways that higher education institutions can change to become more equitable and just organizations.