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Name of Corresponding Author

Kate Myczek

Credentials of Corresponding Author


Name of Faculty Advisor

Dr. Ann Andreoni

Nature and scope of the project

This multi-component health habits intervention project looks at the effects of a 12-week, multicomponent, interdisciplinary health habits intervention on a low-income, high risk, adolescent, BIPOC community.

Synthesis and analysis of supporting literature

Multi-component interventions has been shown to have a larger impact on successful intervention of health habits on overweight or obese adolescents, over an intervention directed by one discipline. Additionally, including various disciplines in the intervention has also been shown to be effective

Project implementation

Nutrition education, as well as physical activity sessions led by community members and role models will be given to participants twice a week and once a week, respectively. Additionally, family involvement will be encouraged with three 2 hour family sessions over the course of the 12 weeks

Evaluation criteria

Primary goals of this project are to change health habits and attitude through addressing psychosocial factors, physical and nutritional interventions, using the Adolescent Lifestyle Profile Revised 2 (ALPR2) inventory. Comparisons between pre and post intervention administration of this survey will guide the results of this intervention


Expected outcomes are that the more sessions that students attend, the more positive change will be evidenced between pre and post ALPR2 survey. Ex. students that attend more sessions of varying subject (PA, nutrition, family) will demonstrate larger changes than those that attend fewer or less diverse sessions (only nutrition education).


Expected recommendations are that a multidisciplinary health habits intervention that includes nutrition, family, and community involvement are successful in the adolescent population. Furthermore, this includes the recommendation to include role models and representation in education.



Navigating Adolescent Health: A Multifaceted Approach to Improve Health Habits of Minority and Low-Income Teens