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A Welcoming City? An Analysis of Attitudes Towards Chicago Migrants and Migrant Policies

Greyson Wilder

AB InBev Investment Pitch

Isabella Steadman

Abortion Attitudes in Cook County post Dobbs V. Jackson

Skylar Kanine

ActionPoint: An App to Combat Cyberbullying by Strengthening Parent-Teen Relationships

Madison Juarez, Loyola University Chicago
Natali Barragan, Arizona State University
Deborah Hall, Arizona State University
George K. Thiruvathukal, Loyola University Chicago
Yasin Silva, Loyola University Chicago

AECOM Stock Pitch

Adrian Blachaniec

AGCO Investment Pitch

Alexander Liczwek

Agile Project Advisors: Theory to Practice in Program Development

Iman Ehsan Safari

All power to All the People: Community Organizing within ONE Northside

Angelina B. Smith

Ampicillin resistance dynamics and adaptation in evolved E. coli populations

Nina Sharma

An Analysis of The Community Air Research Experience Learning Ecosystem Model

Ixchel Barraza Zapata

Analyzing the Impact of the BglB (M114S) Mutation on Catalytic Efficiency

Leonardo Vargas
Daniel Ghannad

Angelology: The Creation & the Fall in Neon Genesis Evangelion

Grace Trifunovich

Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms Prior to Menarche: The Role of Sleep and Physical Activity

Katherine Jabaay

Assessing Biochar’s Influence on Soil Nutrients and Native Plants in Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands

Eva Bednard

Assessing the Impact of Video Options on Comprehension, Perception, Visual Attention, and Effort Using Biometrics

Ayla Lezic, Loyola University Chicago
Eoin McDonagh, Loyola University Chicago
Bilal Khurshid, Loyola University Chicago
Kaitlin Walker, Loyola University Chicago

Balancing the Scales: Investigating the Potential Impact of RISUG and ADAM as Novel Male Birth Control Methods

Marcus Piattoni, Loyola University Chicago
Ryan Chang, Loyola University Chicago
Saniyya Butler, Loyola University Chicago
Grace Acosta, Loyola University Chicago
Geena Fajardo, Loyola University Chicago

Beyond Legal Aid

Ailie Reid

Beyond the Clinic: Characterizing the Long-Term Individual and Familial Implications of ART-Linked Birth Defects

Grace Ellerbeck, Loyola University Chicago
Delano Gonzalez, Loyola University Chicago

Bridging Law and Politics: My Engaged Learning Journey

Ximena Paola Castaneda

Characterization and Analysis of β-Glucosidase B (BglB) Mutant M114S

Veronika Bonifacy
Maya Sharma

Characterizing the BglB L108E Mutation on BglB Protein to Determine Its Effects on Catalytic Efficiency

Valeria Mendoza
Isabella Reyes

Community and Government Engagement Intern at Catholic Charities

Viveca Maria Magana Berlioz

Confronting Cruelty: Ethical Insights into the Treatment of Model Organisms in Contemporary Research

Marcus Piattoni
Isabella Gates, Loyola University Chicago
Alexis Rossi, Loyola University Chicago

Constructing a New Marketing Strategy for an Online Learning Platform

Anna Sokolowski
Nathan Abner
Brenda Castro-Macias
Eli Stovall
Rene Ignacio De Sola
Olivia Vuagniaux

Cook County Community Survey: Gender and Restorative Justice

Madeline Grace

Cosmic Ray Anisotropy Using Ten Years of Data Collected With IceTop

Gunwati Agrawal
Savannah Lehrman, Loyola University Chicago

Cotton Strips as a Model Substrate for Analysis of Leaf-Colonizing Fungi in Streams

Trinity Shoemaker

Creating An Assistive Technology For Children Who Experience Seizures

Logan Osborne
Isabel Gliniecki

Cultural Priming Effects on Undergraduate Perspectives: Unraveling the American Dream and Self-Concept in Psychology and Management

Ana C. Nicol

Deliberation and Determinism: Two Processes Affecting the Soul From Antiquity to Modernity

Morgan Fuksa

Design and Deployment of Two-Dimensional Chiral Surfaces for Enantiospecific Chemical Reactions

Afia Mehjabin

Determining Expression and Activity of BglB Mutation V52F

Samantha Morey
Liset Perez

Determining the Catalytic Efficiency of β-Glucosidase B (BglB) H328N Mutant ​

Marian Castro
Emma Katubig

Development of Environmental Education Materials for Columbus Park

Abbey Y. Haynes, Loyola University Chicago

Developmental Internship At Catholic Charities Chicago

Alexandra Alanis

Diet Reconstruction of El Sidrón Neandertals Using ART, an Experimental Approach

Hannah Jaghab

Difference in Excitement While Watching Male vs. Female Athletes

Lauren Pflueger
AJ Carroll
Isabel Butler

Distribution of microplastics within stream habitats by polymer type

Jaden Nguyen
Eric Schults

Divine Precedent: Genesis and the Shaping of Modern American Law

Remy Beauchamp

Do Individual Differences Impact whether a Child Learns from Seeing or Doing Gesture?

Lisa Gallo

Drosophila Phosducin-like Protein 3 Regulates Spermatogenesis

Grace Flemming

EGLE - Investment Pitch

Valeria Mossi-Gutierrez

Emotional Appeals’ Effect on Perceived Cultural Distance as a Mediator of Human Rights Engagement

Elizabeth Stotz

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Tutoring Young Women Toward Success

Kelly Tran

Engaged Learning in Rome, Italy

Maggie Kosidowski

Engaged Learning with Illinois State Police Crime Lab

Elena Arias

Enhancing Creativity Through Stimulation of the Default Mode Network: Experimental Neuroscience and Computational Methods

Diego Capetillo
Rachel Abbe
Kahiau Among
August Decz
Maria Dima
Kyle Kovich
Emily Rokos

Enhancing Default Mode Network Connectivity: Experimental Neuroscience and Computational Methods

Rachel Abbe


Rohan Jaiswal
Anna Grundhoefer

Exploring Buddhism in Chicago

Tochukwu Enekamma

Exploring Communication Strategies: Nonprofit vs. For-Profit Organizations

Steven Zepeda

Exploring the Relationship Between Microplastics and Neurotoxicity

John Stathopoulos

Expression of Genetic Variation in Fat Depot Physiology for Mice

Nafia Naila, Loyola University Chicago

Fluorescence Spectroscopy Analysis of Phospholipids Bound to Bovine Serum Albumin

Daria Kozuch
Jennifer Feussi Kamwo, Loyola University Chicago

Forging Opportunities for Refugees in America

Mariana Vargas, Loyola University Chicago

Freeze-in and Freeze-out of Dark Matter from the Boltzmann Equation

Themistoklis Tzellos

From Federal Policies to Social Work Practice: Examining Aging Services and Support

Mason Garcera

From Naked and Ashamed to Clothed and Guilt-Ridden: Augustine of Hippo and Poor Things (2023) in Dialogue with Genesis 1-3

Jack Jones, Loyola University Chicago

From Small Fry to Big Fish: How developmental morphology can define a species.

Ian Hipp

Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy for College Students (IPT-CS): A Thematic Analysis of Participant and Facilitator Content and Processes

Joshua Knutsen

Growing Community Relations as a Community Day Services Intern at Misericordia

Rylee Abaya, Loyola University Chicago

Growing Resilience: Combating Food Insecurity through Urban Farming in Bronzeville

Olivia Muth
Jera Moses, Loyola University Chicago
Andrew Lane, Loyola University Chicago
Brandon Folson, Loyola University Chicago


Manuel Cruz-Rivera

Hinduism in Chicago: A Religion of Asia Study

David Duenas, Loyola University Chicago
Melat Ross, Loyola University Chicago
Dominic Dao, Loyola University Chicago
Katie Kim, Loyola University Chicago

Illinois Clean Energy Policy and Procurement

Katherine Ambrose

Immigration and Naturalization Internship with Catholic Charities

Lizbeth Zamora-torrijos

Impact of the Human Microbiome on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Prachi Patel

Inclusivity in Action: Supporting Individuals with Disabilities ​at Misericordia Home

Elle Laurencelle

Indigenous Political Rights: Constitutional Comparison of Colombia, Guatemala and Bolivia

Michael L. Mathews, Loyola University Chicago

Infrastructural Violence and Women's Health in Northern Peru

Aman Kothadia

Infusion Pump Mobile Application Biomedical Engineering Capstone Project

Leah Smith
Dhruv Patel
Lauren David
Esther Wayntraub
Zhiyin Wu

Inhibitors of the Bacterial Enzyme ArgE as Potential Novel Antibiotics

Alayna Bland, Loyola University Chicago

Inscribing Identity: The Development of the Latin Script in Ancient Rome and Early Modern Vietnam

Campbell Rosener

Insights from the Halls: Reflection in School Nursing

Luz-Angelica Cruz

Interning at ACL

Adelaide Ravensborg

Internship/Academic class Experience

Maggie Schingel

interSECtions Project

McKenzie Gallivan

Introducing Pseudomonas aeruginosa phage Spongy

Alexis Avalos

Investigate the Role of Ephrin-B2 and EphA7 in Frequency Map Formation in the Cochlear Nucleus

Joshua Morcos

Investigating Disparities in Appropriate Mental Health Care Among Marginalized Youth

Katherine Hudgens
Alivia York
Evelyn Garcia
Zoe Osbirn

Investigating the Association of Phosducin-like Protein 3 (PhLP-3) to Microtubules in a Cell Culture System

Madeline Ganshert

Investigating the Ethical Concerns of Brain-Machine Interface for Human Enhancement

Priscilla Ruiz

Investigating the Reinforcing Effects of Stimulating PrL, IL, and LH Inputs to the LDTg in Rats

Kristen Rose

Investigating the Stabilization Degree in Cold Temperatures of the Microtubule Associated Protein SPM-1 of the Malaria Parasite Plasmodium.

Tanya Stoeva

Investment Pitch - Ulta Beauty

Brynn L. Poppen

Investment Pitch Slide Deck - Lorin Drazenovic

Lorin Drazenovic

Jesuit Education’s Impact on Student’s Spirituality

Mark Gomez

Kareena Patel - Operations Intern at MATTER

Kareena Patel

Kinetic Efficiency Determination of Mutant Enzyme Bgl B (Y118F)

Justin Frye
Joseph Guldan

Label-Free Elucidation of Mechanism of GabR Transcription Regulation with Compensated Interferometry

Madeline Ganshert

Lactobacillus and E. coli phage interactions in the female urinary microbiome

Maria Elena Steiling

Landstar System Stock Pitch - Zach Ochab

Zachary Ochab

Learning Challenging Chemistry Concepts through Cartoon Representation

Anna Buttell

Lessons Learned from Washington D.C. Criminal Courts

Anthoine Godin

Lindsey Hunsinger's Spring of 2024 Internship Presentation

Lindsey C. Hunsinger, Loyola University Chicago

Loyola’s Student to Mentor Connection: Women’s Studies and Gender Studies’ impact

Carly Alyssa Spagnuolo

MARK 201H Top Hat Deliverable: Squad USA

Lauren Nelson
Charlotte Buehler
Ana Girma
Thiago Picinini
Adnan Aldaas

Measuring Compost Contamination in Engrained Café

Ciara Evans
Sofia Farias
Madi Gordon

MedVet: Veterinary Social Work

Chloe Bents

Misericordia Heart of Mercy CDS Internship for SJI

Samantha Geni

Misericordia: Recreation and Leisure

Anna Hartmann

Neural Correlates of Audiovisual Integration in Infants at Elevated Risk for Autism

Priscilla Ruiz

Opportunities Unshackled: The Effect of Educational & Vocational Programming on Prison Life

Hannah Eure

Optimizing Education with Tech

Thomas Slomiany, Loyola University Chicago
Blanca Gonzalo, Loyola University Chicago
Cole Osiadacz, Loyola University Chicago
David Sagl, Loyola University Chicago
Carlos Argueta, Loyola University Chicago
Evan Ciolek, Loyola University Chicago
Daphne Delgado, Loyola University Chicago

Organic Acid Production in Bacterial Suspensions Containing NaF and MFP

Elena Hoppmann
Sufia Khan

Others: A Magazine of the New Verse and the Correspondences with Amy Lowell

Jeanie Huynh
Andrew Zero
Adrianna Rodriguez Diaz
Liam Anderson

Patterns of Context-dependent Global Change in Agroecology and Marine Neritic and Benthic Ecosystems - A Systematic Review

Jasmine Ramiscal
Sophia Martin

PayPal Stock Presentation

Jeffrey Gallegos


Jacqueline Les

Presence of Prophages in Enterococcus faecalis Isolated from the Female Urinary Tract

Grace Finger

“Private Paths to Peace” Examining the Role of the Private Sector in Peacebuilding Through Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration in Northern Ireland, Chicago, and Colombia

Michael Clausen

Protein Purification and Expression of β-Glucosidase Mutant Y118F

Abigail Fruzyna, Loyola University Chicago
Miranda Chaidez, Loyola University Chicago

Quantifying Phosphatidylethanol from Dried Blood Spots by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry​

Samantha J. Morey

Refining cross-population polygenic risk scores to optimize trait prediction in diverse populations

Mansi Patel

Rush Generation social work internship experience

Ruby Moyano, Loyola University Chicago

Seedble Internship Portfolio

Calvin Kallio

Senior-Built Community: Lessons Learned from my Internship with Edgewater Village Chicago

Eleanor Craig

Sequentially ordering the reorganization of cellular chromatin in Epstein-Barr virus-infected cells

Justin Ross

Sex differences in synapse of the hippocampus and cognitive behavior

Rumyr Sobrepena

Social Work Internship Experience at New Trier High School Learning Center

Grace Groeling

Social Work Internship with Trilogy Behavioral Healthcare

Sara Powers

Solving Cases: Criminal Investigations Internship with the Illinois State Police

Margaret Rivas

Speed of Sound in Solid Materials

John Reece, Loyola University Chicago
Walter McGavran, Loyola University Chicago

Storytelling and Social Change: GirlForward Communications Internship

Mira Riley

Synthesis of Three Novel Inorganic Series Coordinated to a Carbazole-Based Tridentate Pincer Ligand

Diana Lambropoulos

The association between exercise and treatment seeking in college students diagnosed with substance use disorder

Shanti ONeil

The Bacterial Implications of Red Swamp Crayfish in Chicago's North Shore Channel

Mikayla Ballard

The Buddhist Temple of Chicago

Mariam Elhaje
Athena Lezondra

The Consequences of Blame: Media Coverage, Environmental Degradation, and Public Support for Environmentalism in the Global South

Jameson Walker

The Differences of Patient Relations in Acute Care vs Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

Sealia Gross

The Effects of a Low or High Fat Diet That Determines the Outcome of Diabetes

Tiara Guider

The Intern Wears TJ Maxx: A Semester at a Luxury Magazine

Allison Marie Kruse

The Interplay Between Alternative and Modern Medicine in Western Society

Charlianne Johnson

The Intersection of Sleep, Pain, and Executive Function in Girls Following the Menarcheal Transition

Sofia Khatoon

The Mentoring Program at GirlForward

Sophia Lewis

The Office of U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth Internship Experience

Sophie Botzet

The Past, Present, and Future of the Anti-Vax Movement


The Problem With Maternal Health Disparities

Gabriella Schneider

The Religious Practices of Hinduism in the Greater Chicago Area

Justyna Czopek, Loyola University Chicago
Iza Flores, Loyola University Chicago

The Rise and Fall of Seven Arts Magazine

Mary Clare Sisk
Sara Houska, Loyola University Chicago
Colleen Kehoe, Loyola University Chicago
Phoebe Ludwig, Loyola University Chicago

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Gnostic Retelling of Genesis 1-3

Lucie Pitt

The Role of Familism in Raising Bilingual Children

Sophia M. Grippo, Loyola University Chicago

The Tragedy of Yemen - An Integrative Approach to Conflict Resolution to Solve the Humanitarian Crisis

Peter V. Van Volkinburg, Loyola University Chicago

The Work of Creating a Digital Archive Database on Eating Disorders: An Intern’s Experience

Andrew MS Zero, Loyola University-Chicago

Thermal stress on the neurological development of the A. sagrei embryo

Alyssa Carlson

Thomas Crabtree Academic Internship: Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat

Thomas Crabtree

Trabecular development in a growth series of the early tetrapod Ossinodus with implications for the water-to-land transition.

Natalie Kaytor

Tuesday's Child: My Experience as a Behavioral Intervention Intern

Rosemary C. Roberts, Loyola University Chicago

Understanding Mesoamerican Life Cycles and Rituals Through Figurines

Laney Waters

Understanding the Practice of Buddhism in the Chicagoland Area

John Ratz
Kayla Quigley

UNFI Investment Pitch

Ella Rose Thompson


Sami Ahmed

UV Radiation Device: Measuring UV Index Across the Solar Eclipse

Kathleen Broun
Calista MacLellan, Loyola University Chicago
Elizabeth Joseph, Loyola University Chicago

Victim-Offender Overlap: Risky Spaces, Deviant Subculture, and Revenge Motives in Committing Fraud in Cyberspace

Alexander Kierna
Loretta Stalans, Loyola University Chicago

Visa Pitch Presentation

Damian Kranski

Visiting A Hindu Temple

Hannah Blazina

You're covered... in Staphylococcus epidermidis

Sandra M. Jablonska, Loyola University Chicago

Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago

Meghan Economos