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10-Year Update on Energy Dependence of Cosmic Ray Anisotropy with IceTop

Gunwati Agrawal, Loyola University Chicago
Savannah Lehrman, Loyola University Chicago

49th Ward Internship Experience

Zoe Ashcraft

A Day in the Life of A Cook County Juvenile Probation Intern!

Heaven Cunningham

A Dynamic Model of the PI3K/AKT/PTEN Axis in Pathological Microglial Phenotype

Rohan Sethi

A Role for SIFa Receptor in the Regulation of Drosophila Circadian Feeding Rhythms

Andi Beaudouin
Anayatzi Velasquez, Loyola University Chicago

A Visit to the Buddhist Temple of Chicago

Joshua Kliment

A Woman

Cynthia Nguyen

Acoustic Monitoring of Emerald Ash Borer Larvae in Ash Tree Saplings

Gabriel Iorgulescu
Becca McCue
Cameron Arkesteyn
Eric Otrusina
Victory Croitoru

ActionPoint App: Implementing an App to to Combat Cyberbullying through the Strengthening of Parent-Teen Relationships

Madison Juarez

Adherence to the American Heart Association's Life's Essential 8 in Young African American Women

Zachary Wilder
Kimberly Garcia
Shalan John
Sophana Srisak
Sarah Eisouh
Sparkle Springfield

AmeriSourceBergen Stock Recommendation

Aliyan Vimawala

An Experiment on Why You Are Vulnerable To Online Phishing Scams

Madeline Moran
Anna Hart

An Experimental Test of the Effects of Descriptive Representation on Attitudes about Local Government

Madeline Schade

Analysis of Poverty In Chicago

Gabriel Dominguez
Jack Mcdonnell, Loyola University Chicago
Brett Johnson, Loyola University Chicago

Analysis of Probiotics Being Administered to Colorectal Cancer Patients

Joely Gonzalez

Analysis of the Babies Antibiotic Stewardship Improvement Collaborative (BASIC) Initiative Launched by ILPQC

Faiza Sheikha

Analysis of the Effects of H328N Mutation on Beta-Glucosidase B Catalytic Efficiency and Thermostability

Camryn Martin
Hamza Husein, Loyola University Chicago

Analysis of the H178C Mutation on β-glucosidase (BglB) Protein

Nicholas Alejandro, Loyola University Chicago
Alexander Zacharuk, Loyola University Chicago

Anthropogenic Litter Abundance and Composition in Urban Streams: Influence of Site and Habitat

Olivia Schaul, Loyola University Chicago
Thomas Crabtree, Loyola University Chicago
Jess Von Brugger, Loyola University Chicago

Arch Resources: Buy Recommendation

Timothy Crawford, Loyola University Chicago

ASPIRE Scholarship: Spring 2023 Internship with Congresswoman Schakowsky's District Office

Clarissa Steinbrecher

Assessing Biochar’s Potential to Curb Salt Pollution in Freshwater Systems

Kristina Tsakos

Assessing the Impact of Investments in Community-Based Organizations as a Method of Promoting Equitable Economic Recovery from the Covid-19 Pandemic in Chicago's South and West Sides

Sean Cunnane

AutoNation Stock Pitch

Adrian Malinowski

AutoZone Pitch

Peter Pacheco

B-glucosidase Mutation T352V Catalytic Efficiency and Thermal Stability

Virginia Lignos
Khizra Ashar

Bath and Body Works

Alessia Donofrio Abreu

Buddhism at the Midwest Buddhist Temple

Tessa Cooke

Buddhism in Chicago

Lannah Tamborello

Buddhist Temple of Chicago Engaged Learning Project

Cameron Pham

Cal-Maine Foods Investment Pitch

Nayat Marie Yacaman Juha

Camouflaging and Adjusting to College in Females with and without Autism Symptomatology

Aisha Mounir, Loyola University Chicago
Emily Cauley, Loyola University Chicago
Ellie Forster, Loyola University Chicago
Elizabeth Stotz, Loyola University Chicago

Campaigning on the Court: Congressional Campaign Ads and their Effect on U.S. Supreme Court Legitimacy

Sue Rieger

"Carry-Over" Effects After Magnetic Stimulation - A Mechanistic Study

Maria Dima

Central Clock Control of Drosophila Behavioral Rhythms

Ruth J. Meier

CF Industries Presentation

Maxym Hrudzevych

Characterization and Analysis of T352V Mutation in the Enzyme β-Glucosidase B

Jennifer Huyler
Brendan Crawford

Characterization of Enzymatic Activity and Thermostability of Beta-Glucosidase B (BglB)-Histidine-328-Asparagine for D2D Database Contribution

Margaret Elise Rivas
Eliza Wszolek

Characterizing Lewis Acid-Carbonyl Interactions in the Presence of TMSCl via In-Situ IR Titration

Konrad Kutrzuba

Characterizing the Double Mutation R75A/Y124A and its Role in the Allosteric Regulation of ADP-glucose Pyrophosphorylase from Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Gina Canavan

Characterizing the Enzymatic Activity and Thermostability of Protein β-Glucosidase B (BglB) Mutant Y118F

Sofia Ponce
Kayla Gordon

Characterizing the T352V Mutation of Beta-Glucosidase B

Olivia Hodge, Loyola University Chicago
Renee Stanec, Loyola University Chicago

Characterizing TrxT and Dhd in the Drosophila melanogaster fruit fly

Samantha Webster

Chicago Methodist Senior Services Internship Experience

Virina Khalil

Chicago's International Society for Krishna Consciousness and Hinduism in Roger's Park

Michael Baker

Chicago's Progress: Resources on the Century of Progress Exposition

Cate LiaBraaten

Cisco Presentation

Armando Menendez Jr.

CJC 390: Senior Capstone

Skyler Cordova

Climate Education Course Proposal for School of Sustainability

Evelyn Winebrenner
Abbey Y. Haynes, Loyola University Chicago
Charlotte Roos, Loyola University Chicago
Stephanie Udzielak, Loyola University Chicago
Rachel Maria, Loyola University Chicago

Clonal Analysis of rib Mutants In Follicle Cells of Drosophila Ovaries

Grace Flemming

Cloning of Thioredoxin Reductase-2 from Drosophila Melanogaster for Characterization of Catalytic Activity and Thermal Stability

Mustafa Dahbur
Adrian Ibarra

Coca Cola Pitch

Troy Evans

Correlation of the WELL Diet Score and NutritionQuest Fruit, Vegetable, and Fiber Screener

Sara Ruiz, Loyola University Chicago
Joaquin Guzman, Loyola University Chicago
Ellen Beach, Loyola University Chicago
Tatiana Pasewark, Loyola University Chicago
Elizabeth DeLoreto, Loyola University Chicago
Sparkle Springfield, Loyola University Chicago
Justin Harbison, Loyola University Chicago

Costco Investment Pitch

Rory Feeney

COVID-19’s Mental Health Impact on College Communities

Rebekah Couturier

Cross-Study Evaluation of the Relationship between the Human Gut Microbiome and Heart Disease

Anna Ali, Loyola University Chicago
Michael B. Burns, Loyola University Chicago

CVS Investment Pitch

Mary Baertlein

Deborah's Place Internship Presentation

Kelly Marth

Dell Stock Pitch

Julia Zdun

Design of a Predictive Method for Obstacle Detection and Safe Operation of Autonomous Vehicles

Lila Areephanthu

Design of a State-Predictive and Robust Control of Energy Storage Units for Smart Power Grids

Minh Nhu

Determining the enzymatic efficiency and thermodynamic stability of BgIB-H223A

Thy Anh Le, Loyola University Chicago
Nicole Dowd, Loyola University Chicago

Determining the relative fitness of E. coli populations evolved in carbon-limited or nitrogen-limited media in the presence of ampicillin

Alexa Schnell, Loyola University Chicago

Developing and Optimizing RNA Isolation Methods from Avian Tissues

Isabella Zent, Loyola University Chicago
Marcus Piattoni, Loyola University Chicago

Developmental Constraints of Toe Length on Scale Count

Xavier Carlos Rosas

Developmental Internship At Misericordia

Kishan Patel

DocFinity Loyola University Chicago School of Ed Internship - Mellon Scholarship by Alyssa Castillo

Alyssa Castillo

Education Plans Among Racially Minoritized Youth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

McKenzie Gallivan

Effects of Medial Prefrontal Cortex-Laterodorsal Tegmental Nucleus Projection Inhibition on Cocaine-Induced Sensitization

Marko Koruna

Elucidating the Function of an Evolutionarily Conserved Embryonic Splice Variant of Type II Collagen During Vertebrate Development

Angelina Carcione

Engaged Learning Internship at FEC

Gabriella Piscopo

Engaged Learning: Bultasa Buddhist Temple

Joseph Beima

Enhancement of PCB uptake in Zebrafish by Different Microplastics

Heba Hussain

Equity Investment Report on MGM Resorts International

Sebastian Sandoval

Examining the Impact of Gender Differences in Domains of Psychopathology and Parenting Stress

Elizabeth Marquez

Examining the Relationship Between Cultural Identity and Diet Quality Among 18-35-Year-Old African American Women

Mikaela Lies
Rose Thornquist
Maddie Grabow
Sophia Brittin
Sydney Ross
Olivia Larson

Exploration of Player Nationality in European Football

Caleb Frank, Loyola University Chicago
Danny Umar, Loyola University Chicago
Chris Burns, Loyola University Chicago
Joey Raad, Loyola University Chicago

Exploring how schools support newcomer students and parents

Elani Williams

Exploring Sikhism: History, Culture, & Traditions

Vernon Porio

Exploring the Effect of Artificial Sweeteners on Streptococcus mutans Growth and pH level

Hannah Jaghab, Loyola University Chicago
Thomas Osika, Loyola University Chicago

Exploring the genomic diversity of Staphylococcus epidermidis from different isolation sources

Sandra M. Jablonska, Loyola University Chicago

Exploring the Impact of Exposure to Age Groups on the Development of the Other-Race Effect in Infancy While Assessing the Qualities of Online and In-Person Data Collection

Nhi Duong

Expression and purification of the novel Thioredoxin-like protein 1 of the malaria parasite Plasmodium

Keeley Carney

Expression of Eph receptors in the cochlea and cochlear nucleus

Alice Yen
Victoria Dippold

Expression of mRNA of the col2a1b gene during Zebrafish Embryogenesis

Alex M. Tollefson
Mansi Patel
Mia Gabelev

Expression of mRNA of the col2a1b gene during ​ Zebrafish Embryogenesis​

Mia Gabelev
Mansi Patel
Alex Tollefson

Fast Fashion in the Age of Global Capitalism

Samantha Bahena

Father Grollig Legacy Collections Project

Sophea Brandley, Loyola University Chicago
Joanna Ruiz, Loyola University Chicago

Feminism and Forgiveness: How Catholic Women Respond to Gender-Based Microaggressions

Arden Schultz

Fungal Species Cross-Reactivity in Semen Testing (Acid Phosphatase)

Katelyn Pletcher

Fungal Species Cross-Reactivity in Semen Testing (Immunochromatographic assays)

Gina Della Santina

Gene Annotation of Akt in Drosophila persimilis

Julia Kaniuk

Genetic Variation in Fat Depot Weights in Mice

Nafia Naila, Loyola University Chicago

Geographic Variation and Species Composition of the Zeiform Fish Parazen

Hannah Corcoran

GirlForward Development Internship

Avery Robbins

GirlForward Mentoring Program - Social Justice Internship

Angelica Luszcz

Got Milk?

Nicole Papanton
Lucia Macoretta
Drew Evans
Neil Beran

Gun Violence in Chicago Since 2000: Are the City's Prevention Tactics Working?

Lauren Pflueger
Bilal Khurshid
William Baranda

Gut content analysis of invasive amphipod Apocorophium lacustre in Illinois waterways

Alex Quebbeman

Healing Landscapes of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Traumas Through Wetland Restoration, Autoethnography and Field Philosophy

Dakota Lane, Loyola University Chicago

Herbicide treatment of invasive Elodea canadensis in Alaska: impacts on macrophyte-associated aquatic insects

Julia Hillman

Hinduism ISKCON

Emily Gahgan

How Body Movement Aids in Expressivity and Accuracy in String Players

Kristina Humphrey

How Do We Make Artificial Intelligence More Human-like?: Improving Object-Shape Sensitivity in DCNNs through Training with Non-Diagnostic Texture

Luke D. Baumel, Loyola University Chicago
Mikayla Cutler, Loyola University Chicago

How Musicians Can Utilize the Guitar's Acoustic Properties

Jessica Moore

Identification of Cannabinoid Acids and Neutrals in Consumer Products via GC-EI-MS

Alexandra Kurm

Identification of Ribbon Transcriptional Targets in the Adult Drosophila Testis

Madeline Hakala

Identifying Participant Roles in Cyberbullying Through Hierarchical Attention Networks

Patrick Furman

IGT Stock Pitch Presentation

Drew P. Kueter

Immigration and Naturalization at Catholic Charities

Abigail Alvarez

Improving the Stability of Smart Power Grids Using Evolutionary Neural Networks

Cameron Arkesteyn

Individual Differences In Gesture Learning in Adults

Sierra Webber, Loyola University Chicago
Elizabeth M. Wakefield, Loyola University Chicago

Insight into the regulation of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase: Importance of homologous serine/threonines in the allosteric site

Thomas Bennett

Interactions Displayed by Burkholderia cenocepacia Morphotypes When Grown in Mixed Cultures

Milan Patel

Interning for a Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago

Nicole Pysz

Interning with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago

Nicole Pysz

internship at "The Japan America Society of Chicago"

Shirin Smatova

Internship in Bioarchaeology & Forensic Anthropology: Bones!

Alicia Martinez

Investigating the role of TANK-binding kinase 1 (TBK1) in MLL-AF9+ acute myeloid leukemia.

Allan Youmaran, Loyola University Chicago

Investigation of the Function of the First Epicentral Intermuscular Bone and the First Anal-fin Radial Bone in Polymixia lowei

Jesus M. Leal

Is childhood trauma associated with current cognitive disengagement syndrome symptoms in college students?

Logan Phengsomphone

Joseph Patton Spring 2023 FINC356EW CignaGroup Investment Pitch

Joseph Patton

Knockdown of Hedgehog signaling pathway contributes to midline craniofacial development and facial elongation in the lizard Anolis sagrei

Naaz Khan
Greta Keller
Rushabh Shah

Knowing the Common Struggles Small Businesses Face Off

Huy Du

Kroger Co.

Timothy Dennis

Learning About Buddhism

Maria Diaz

Learning From Each Other: Education Programming for Refugee Girls

Eleanor Friel

Literature Review Investigating the Fruit and Vegetable Consumption of African American Women Through the Socio-Ecological Model

Ainsley Pew
Georgia Baker
Idiake Irumundomon
Tijana Nikolic
Ruslan Malovanyy

Marathon Petroleum Corp. (MPC) Investment Pitch

Claudio Sejdini

Marissa Mahrenholz's Engaged Learning Poster

Marissa K. Mahrenholz, Loyola University Chicago

Maternal Effects on Growth

Leila Ikeda

Maternal Effects on Long Bone Length

Mohammed Abdul Samad

May Weber Ethnographic Study Collection: Museum Studies/Collections Management Intern

Hannah Sween

McKesson Report

Anthony Paul

Mechanistic and Reactivity Studies of Iron Complexes Supported by CNC-Pincer Ligand

Julian Lomeli

Mellon Scholarship Award

Karla Ortega

Mellon Unpaid Academic Internship Award Presentation- Enes Eldes

Abdullah Eldes

MetLife Investment Pitch

Natalia Mendez

Midwest Buddhist Temple Visit

Zinnia Torres Ricci

Modeling Causality Between Coronary Heart Disease and Newly-Classified Gut Microbiome Traits in African Ancestry Populations

Jacob Grandinetti

Motorola Solutions Foundation Cybersecurity Experiential Scholarship Program

Madeline Moran
Kenneth Hernandez
Erin Robertson
Nathan Farrell
Amy Kuhl

Multimodal models of animal sex in scientific literature: breaking binaries leads to a better understanding of ecology and evolution

Isabella Gates, Loyola University Chicago
Anisha Pethkar, Loyola University Chicago
Marcus Piattoni, Loyola University Chicago
Alexis Rossi, Loyola University Chicago
Sara E. Lipshutz, Loyola University Chicago

Museum Conservation in the May Weber Ethnographic Collection

Leah Swan

My Internship at the Button Museum

Hailey Dightman
Hailey Dightman

My Internship Experience with Churches for Middle East Peace

Ethan Schneider, Loyola University Chicago

Nestle Investment Pitch

Victoria Molina Polanco

Neuromodulation of the Default Mode Network Enhances Forward Flow: A Three Study Review

Diego Capetillo

Northrop Grumman Pitch Deck

Kevin M. Sachtleben, Loyola University Chicago

NRG Energy (NYSE:NRG) Equity Research Pitch Deck

Konnor Kininmonth

ONE Northside: SJI Presentation

Anna Alexander

Optimized Separation of Cannabis Terpenes/Terpenoids via GC-EI-MS

Kristina Martinet

Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Beauty in Biology)

Christina Privin

Overview of Instruments of Measurement for Perceived Discrimination

Solea A. Smith, Loyola University Chicago
Karen Saban, Loyola University Chicago

p&g investment pitch slides finc356

Daniel Simanovski

Perinatal Mental Health in Community Social Work

Stefanie Cobb

Phenomenology of the Feebly Interacting Massive Particle (FIMP)

Themistoklis Tzellos

Plastic Mediated Photolysis of Halogenated Flame Retardants in Aqueous Solutions

Nikolas Jeffries

Political Radicalism on Social Media

Jordan Hamrick

Politics from a New Perspective

Katie Golson

Pollution in Feathers: a Reflection of Environmental Racism in Chicago

Grace Whitten

Postpartum Depression Screening in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

Gabrielle Borkorm, Loyola University Chicago
Sandi Tenfelde, Loyola University Chicago

Predicting the Consequences of Global Climate Change on Aquatic Snakes in the Midweset

Ella Janson
Jess Lindberg
Joseph Milanovich

Presence of Sodium Monoflurophosphate and Fluoride in Streptococcus mutans Cells

Elena Hoppmann
Ailynn Duarte
Victoria Nolte

Private Enterprise & Peace: Crime & Rehabilitation in Urban Chicago

Michael Clausen

Providing a User-Friendly Environment for the Physically Challenged - From an Engineer's Perspective (Part I)

Deja Scott

Public Transportation Access and Academic Performance in the Chicagoland Area

Sophie Maday
Lena Goodelle
GT Moy

Quantifying Biofilm Formation in Evolved Planktonic and Biofilm-Forming Populations of Burkholderia cenocepacia in Carbon-Limited Media

Katherine Jemian

Race and the Landscape of Chicago Evictions

Jonathan Nerenberg

Rainbows & Resources

Alexandra Elizabeth Ortega, Loyola University Chicago

Recommendations for Increasing Cultural Sensitivity in IPT for College Students (IPT-CS)

Mattheus Shack

Red Swamp Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) Stress Levels in Polluted Water

Tava Oosterbaan

Redesigning Transfer Set for Peritoneal Dialysis

Jaad ARafat, Loyola University Chicago
Sharf Abutaleb, Loyola University Chicago
Chris Castillo, Loyola University Chicago
Peter Saba, Loyola University Chicago

Regulation of Spermatogenesis by Notch Signaling

Allyson Terrell

Religions in Asia - Exploring Hinduism

Lydia Hamilton
Katherine Fangman

Residential mobility and the value of water quality restoration in the Milwaukee Area of Concern

Emma Donnelly

Robot Recycling Project

Zoha Hassan

Shared Stem Cells in the Zebrafish Caudal Body and Fin

Andrew Locke, Loyola University Chicago
Allison Watts, Loyola University Chicago
Esam Shah, Loyola University Chicago

Simulation of Habitat Degradation on Marine Ecosystems

Kathryn Bove

Simulations of the Interactions of Acetaminophen and Various Co-Crystallites

Lauren Thompson

Single Molecule DNA Looping Assay

Leah Smith

Single-molecule FRET and Computational Modeling of Distinct Conformations by Repetitive DNA Junctions

Benjamin Ward
Sarah Michael Murczek

Small Scale Anaerobic Digestion in an Urban Environment

Amelia Bergbower

Spring Internship at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Emma Geiser

Sprouts Farmers Market

Linda Licari

Step Up For Mental Health Internship Experience

Lillian Baca

Strategies to Achieving National Standards of Healthcare Access: A Qualitative Analysis of Cook County Health System

Shoaib Haq
Julia Borowska, Loyola University Chicago
Sofia Mateus, Loyola University Chicago
Jaash Patel, Loyola University Chicago

Strengthening Student Success: A Knowledge Connecting Corner for Schools and Families

Mashwa Nadeem, Loyola University Chicago

Supporting Mental Health for Students Experiencing Climate Anxiety and Environmental Racism

Hunter Robbins
Hanan Abdillahi
Valeria Monreal
Stephanie Black
Selena Lynch

Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Bailey Uttich

Synthesis and Characterization of a Series of Co(II) NNN Pincer Complexes

Graden Snyder

Technology and Consumer Engagement for LOOP

Alaina Runkel
Sici Mirante
Brigitte Cueter
Katie Gardner
Maddie Thompson
Anna Shea
Taylor Nguyen

Teenage Pregnancy in Tambogrande, Peru: Causes, Consequences & Cycles of Violence and Disadvantage

Natalie M. Archdeacon

The Art of Museum Studies

Brianda Gonzalez

The association between cognitive disengagement syndrome and symptoms of dissociation in college students

Catherine Humberston
Laurel Miskovic, Loyola University Chicago
Logan Phengsomphone, Loyola University Chicago

The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act: Implications for Mental Health Services

Jalpa Mehta
Nina Zheng

The Chicago Redlight Camera Project

Robert Denman
Natalee Styrczula, Loyola University Chicago
Giuseppe Fregoli, Loyola University Chicago
Anya Lkhagvadorj, Loyola University Chicago

The Clinical Profile of Psychopathy

Patrick Carabell
Patrick J. Carabell, Loyola University Chicago

The Contribution of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Symptom Severity to Nightmare-Based Dreams

Julianna Collazo Vargas

The Correlation between Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and Stock Performance

Harley Thursby, Loyola University Chicago
Abby Layton, Loyola University Chicago
Catie Plank, Loyola University Chicago
Ariel Nudman, Loyola University Chicago

The Criminalization of Homelessness in Chicago

Emily Porter

The Effect of Default Mode Network Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Open-Minded Cognition

Nicolle Leon-Araujo

The Effect of Default Mode Network Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Open-Minded Cognition

Calior Bestwick

The Effect of Microaggressions on African American Couples' Cortisol Levels

Jocelyn Arroyo

The Effect of Music Genre on Information Integration

William Russell

The Effect of ribbon Overexpression on Follicle Cell Proliferation

Amanda Swedrowski

The Emergence of Crisis Services Within Police Departments

Daria Komeza

The Ephrin-B2 Signal Regulates Auditory Nerve Fiber Responses and Auditory Functions During Tonotopy Development

Jakub Krasewicz, Loyola University Chicago
Shayma Smaoui, Loyola University Chicago
Julia K. Mansour, Loyola University Chicago

The Homing Abilities of Nesting Male Threespine Stickleback

Marielle Martin

The Impact of Evolutionary History and Nutrient Limitation on LTEE E. coli Strains

Marissa Donofrio

The Impact of NGO Outreach on At-Risk Youth Populations in Italy and Vietnam

Emma Geiser

The Influence of Multimodal Exposure on the Development of the Other-Race Effect in Infancy

Osinigwe Ibekie

The Presence of Sodium Monofluorophosphate and Fluoride in Streptococcus mutans cells

Elena Hoppmann
Ailynn Duarte
Victoria Nolte

The Role of Hedgehog Signaling During Hemipene Development in Anolis sagrei

Adriana Saliceti Galarza
Thomas J. Sanger, Loyola University Chicago

The Role of the Circadian Clock in Fat Body Transcriptomics and Metabolomics

Taylor Stephenson, Loyola University Chicago
Charlene Guerrero, Loyola University Chicago

the world of an autism

shan cao, Loyola University Chicago

The World Of Sikhism

Mohamed Ziad Eljerary, Loyola University Chicago
Arub Abdullah Sumayli, Loyola University Chicago

THEO299: Engaged Learning Project Chicago's ISKCON Temple

Richa Patel

TNFɑ Reduces the Maximum Respiratory Capacity of Mitochondria in hASM Cells

Claire Creighton, Loyola University Chicago
Gary Sieck Ph.D., Mayo Clinic
Sanjana Mahadev Bhat Ph.D., Mayo Clinic

Transgender and Gender Diverse Gender Identity Development

Evelyn Pacifici

Triclosan Photolysis Facilitated by Polyethylene Microplastics; A Look into Surface Area

Liz Perez

Tube-Based Pumping of a Viscous Liquid

Gabriel X. Gallegos, Loyola University Chicago
Deja M. Scott, Loyola University Chicago
Nuala B. Kalensky, Loyola University Chicago

Understanding Therapeutic Efficacy in Drug-Resistant Breast Cancer

Millie Martinez

Uptown Chicago Energy Benchmarking Research​

Taylor Rose Starkey


Amelia Bergbower
Marie-Pia Marga Gomes
Sarah Sukanen
Jack Johnson
Gracie Walker

Utilizing neuromuscular force recording as a novel proxy for functional assessments of brain or peripheral nerve stimulation in a mouse model

Aniruth Kartike Senthilkumar

Violent Crime in Chicago

Alyssa Bronge
Joey Herz
Daniel Campuzano

Violent Mediation: A Study of the Impact of Terrorism in US Diplomacy

Addison Emig

Visit to Shree Ganesh Temple of Chicago

Emmett Elward

VLO Pitch

Gerard Neugent

Walmart Investment Pitch

Will Kelley

Water, Women, and Children: The Intersection of Water Security and Disability in Indonesia

Andi Beaudouin

When females compete and males care: Phenotypic differences in the spotted sandpiper

Alexandra Juarez, Loyola University Chicago
Tessa Patton, Loyola University Chicago
Quinn Thomas, Loyola University Chicago
Jessica Schaefer, University of California, Davis
Sara E. Lipshutz, Loyola University Chicago


Caitlin Asantewaa Osei, Loyola University Chicago

Zen Buddhist Temple

Anna Kurina
Maura Green
Jack Swenson
Aidan Shoemaker