Submissions for the 2021 Undergraduate Research and Engagement Symposium will be available in Spring 2021.

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BXP Investment Report Draft

Jakub Duda

Compulsive Exercise in College Students

Kaela Harber
Elizabeth Rea, Loyola University Chicago
Laura Nicholson
Amy Heard, Loyola University Chicago
Amy M. Bohnert, Loyola University Chicago

Enterprise Product Partners - Investment Report

Patrick Mullen

Exploring the Lived Experience of Full-Time College Students Recently Diagnosed with Chronic Illness

Kailey Anichini

Female Entrepreneurship: A Comparison Between Italy and Vietnam

Madeline Horiuchi

Genome Annotation of Contig1 in Drosophila ananassae

Victoria Hodkiewicz

Goldman Sachs Investment Report

Daniel Mashiach

Healthcare Strategies for Aging Populations in Italy and Vietnam

Mackenzie O'Donnell

Measuring plant nitrogen availability in forest soils with lab incubations and phytometer growth assays: a power analysis

Natalie Taylor, Loyola University Chicago
Ray Dybzinski, Loyola University Chicago
Meghan Midgley, Morton Arboretum

Refugee and Immigrant Parent Engagement in School-Intervention: A Qualitative Analysis

Amatul Husna

The Memorialization of War Ricci Scholars 2019-2020

Thomas Olson