Submissions for the 2021 Undergraduate Research and Engagement Symposium will be available in Spring 2021.

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3D Model of the Heart with Atherosclerosis

Hewane Melkie
Sydeny Marz
Pratham Patel

3M Stock Pitch Report

Chandler Peterson

A Biological and Ethical Comparison of Birth Plans: Literature Review

Lauren Nowakowski, Loyola University Chicago
Karolina Magnuszewski, Loyola University Chicago
Adriana Mercado, Loyola University Chicago
Rocelle Sanguenza, Loyola University Chicago
Taylor Smith, Loyola University Chicago

A Flexible Influence of Affect on the Usage of the Availability Heuristic

Caleb Dalfiume, Loyola University Chicago
Jeffrey R. Huntsinger, Loyola University Chicago

A Quantitative Evaluation of the Benefits of Writing Tutoring in First-Year Writing Seminars

Allison Monterastelli, Loyola University Chicago

A Study of the Internal Correlations of Protein Sequences Using Non-Alignment Methods: Application of the Burrows-Wheeler Transform

Joseph Buccinna

Academic Internship: Rainbows for All Children

Sophia Kohan

Alternative trap technologies to reduce the population of the invasive red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) in the Chicago Region

Lauren Hammett, Loyola University Chicago

Alyssa Chen's Engaged Learning Research Project

Alyssa Chen

Amplifying Voices of Young Refugee Girls: Communications Intern at GirlForward

Lensa Ali

Amy Lowell Letters Project

Orion Elrod, Loyola University Chicago

Anagenetic Speciation and Sexual Dimorphism in Fossil Samples of Threespine Stickleback Fish (Gasterosteus doryssus)

Allison Ozark
Raheyma Siddiqui


Michael Derylo


Michael Derylo

Anencephalic Babies and Organ Donation

Kaushal R. Dholakia, Loyola University Chicago
Allie Scheu, Loyola University Chicago
Samantha Eskandar, Loyola University Chicago
Karina Monarrez, Loyola University Chicago
Hunter Bourne, Loyola University Chicago

Annotation of Genes in the Insulin Signaling Pathway Across Drosophila Species

Karolina Senkow

Approaching Clarity and Reproducibility in Coding and Data Sharing

Aaron Myrold
Yoel E. Stuart, Loyola University Chicago

Assessing the Availability of Indigenous Latin American Language Resources in Chicago

Jennifer Tuckerman, Loyola University Chicago

Assessing the Genetic Basis of Hindlimb and Pelvic Reduction in Squamate Reptiles

Ethan Elazegui

Assessing the Relationship Between Economic Indicators and Music Preference in the US

Anthony Campana

Atomic Absorption Detection of Chromium in Biological Samples

Alli Lueders

Atomic Oxygen on a Curved Silver Crystal

Faith Lewis

Automated Kidney Segmentation of Murine-Based Volumetric Ultrasound with a U-Net Based Neural Network​

Naxi Shah
Xavier Oberhelman
Sophia Sklar
Benjamin Dziechciowski

Backlash following a confrontation: The impact of relationship, essentialism, and trust

Efrata Sasahulih, Loyola University Chicago
Jamie Patrianakos, Loyola University Chicago
Robyn Mallett, Loyola University Chicago

Bacteriophage Characterization of Isolates from the Human Urinary Microbiome

Zubia Merchant

BaxHUD Pharmaceutical Workflow

Priyana Kumar
Sebastian Caceres, Loyola University Chicago
Shalaka Kollerkandy, Loyola University Chicago

Be mindful and SMiLe: Changes in PA, NA, and depression after eight weeks of Headspace

Hassan Khan, Loyola University Chicago
Asnia Rafiq, Loyola University Chicago
Andrew Rauch, Loyola University Chicago
Ian J. Kahrilas, Loyola University Chicago

Black and Latino Parents’ Socioemotional Support for Teens’ Post-High School Plans

Daniela Vanessa Ugalde

Black holes as Fast Scramblers

Arthur Kraus, Loyola University Chicago

Brain Development of Anolis sagrei

Alexandrea Turnquist
Hannah Maher
Lilian Arnaoudoff

Brain-Computer Interfaces and Action: Who is to Blame?

Rohan Meda

Building and Organizing Community Development

Karina Rodriguez

Building and Testing Expression Models

Christopher Nguyen

Building Trust and Communication Through the Survivors of Torture Program

Paresa Chowdhury

BXP Investment Report Draft

Jakub Duda

“Cancer care is not meant for young adults”: A Qualitative Study of Young Women Navigating a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Sarah Strom
Tamara Hamlish, University of Illinois Cancer Center
Julie Darnell, Loyola University Chicago

Catholic Charities Government Relations Dept: A Beacon of Hope in the Mission to Confronting the Community Disinvestment Crisis

Grace Ruane

CCCS-Voting Experiences in Cook County

Sophia Bardelli

CCCS: The Role of Police in Cook County

Andrew P. Byrne

Cell Death Facilitated by Photodynamic Therapy

Mary S. Woloszyn, Loyola University Chicago

CFMC Consulting Design

Jonathon P. King, Loyola University Chicago
Victoria A. Pearson, Loyola University Chicago
Nicole J. Trzeciak, Loyola University Chicago
Claudia F. Alvarado, Loyola University Chicago
Kennedy E. Pruitt, Loyola University Chicago
Elsa A. Angulo, Loyola University Chicago
Manal A. Haroon, Loyola University Chicago

CFMC Digital Education Research

Beck Hansman, Loyola University Chicago
Bryn Reimer, Loyola University Chicago
William Ridzon, Loyola University Chicago
Lilly Condon, Loyola University Chicago
Madison Von Der Linden, Loyola University Chicago
Inez Castro, Loyola University Chicago

CFMC Market Research Presentation

Nicholas Chudzik, Loyola University Chicago
Andrew Durrer, Loyola University Chicago
Cassandra Schenker, Loyola University Chicago
Nick Franz, Loyola University Chicago
Jake Najafi, Loyola University Chicago

Characterizing the Inducible 1-Cysteine Peroxiredoxin Promoter in Plasmodium berghei

Lara Ladney

Chicago Farmer's Market Collective

Bettina Iglesias
Ramat Mohammed, Loyola University Chicago
Margie Sando, Loyola University Chicago
Tarynn Cullings
Elena Grigoryan
Nancy Orellana
Lily Roth

Chicago Farmers Market Collective Market Research & Branding

Gabriela Daher
Emily Marx
Katie Polaski
Jack Brannon
Sara Rothrock
Mary Linehan
Takayla Patterson

Chicago Neighborhoods Demographic Data and Asthma Hospitalizations Clustered

Victoria Roggy

Chicago, It’s Time to Desert Food Deserts: Health Concerns and Policy Suggestions

Lauren Collins

Citizen Science Datasets Reveal Anthropogenic Litter Distribution Among Chicago River Habitats

Liana Smith

Cluster and Salary Analysis of the Municipal Employees of Chicago

Edward Aleman

Colors of Life

Nicolle Leon-Araujo, Loyola University Chicago
Vanessa Aguirre, Loyola University Chicago

Community-based primary healthcare: A tool to improve maternal, neonatal, and child health

Natalie Contreras

Compulsive Exercise in College Students

Kaela Harber
Elizabeth Rea, Loyola University Chicago
Laura Nicholson
Amy Heard, Loyola University Chicago
Amy M. Bohnert, Loyola University Chicago

Constructed Wetlands for Removing Excess Nutrients

Katrina S. Ziemniak

Construction and Development of an Autonomous Vehicle for Data Collection Using LIDAR

Daisy Reyes, Loyola University Chicago
Spencer Johnston, Loyola University Chicago

Contrasting Approaches to Implementing Agroecological Cattle Ranching in Colombia

Isabel Hoyos Arango, Loyola University Chicago
Mariana Valencia Mestre, Loyola University Chicago

Cook County Community Survey: Gentrification Block

Sarah Jack

Corporate Effects on Conflict Prevention and Resolution

Sydney C. Williams

Creating a Digital Communication Strategy

Vivian Vaughn
Luca Pascale
Jordyn Blake, Loyola University Chicago
Julia Barnes, Loyola University Chicago
Kate Vollmer, Loyola University Chicago
Jackson Kohlenberger, Loyola University Chicago
Maddie Moffett, Loyola University Chicago

Creating a Unified Digital Communication Strategy with Chicago Farmers Market Collective

Ryan Joslyn
Gina Shanley, Loyola University Chicago
Gracie Brennan, Loyola University Chicago
Maggie Guidici, Loyola University Chicago
Zac Fox, Loyola University Chicago
Makenzie Cronin, Loyola University Chicago
Vanessa Lunar, Loyola University Chicago

Creating Mindful Programming in a Virtual Setting

Francesca Marchese Gonzalez

Crossaints CFMC D4 Preview

Talhah Junagadhwala

CRT Therapist Progression 2016 to 2020

Sophia Dunn

Dark Matter Relics

Andres Jarquin

Derivatization of 1,3-dimethylamylamine and Analysis by GC-MS

James DeFrancesco

Designing DapE- Inhibitors through Molecular Dynamic Simulations

Kristeen Bebla

Detecting Polyomaviruses in the Urinary Microbiome

Rita Mormando

Detection and Quantification of Magnesium in Biological Samples

Edison Hurh

Determining Patterns of Proliferation in the Nasal Cartilage and Mechanisms of Facial Length Evolution In Lizards

Brigid Janos

Determining the Genetic Component of Protein Levels Using TWAS

Henry Wittich, Loyola University Chicago
Heather Wheeler, Loyola University Chicago

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within Loyola University’s School of Environmental Sustainability: Pilot Climate Survey

Annaa Donaldson, Loyola University Chicago
Isabel Hoyos, Loyola University Chicago
Jonathan Molina, Loyola University Chicago

Diving into the Reality of the Illinois Exodus: What are the Migration Trends in Major United States Cities in 2020 and How Do They Compare to One Another?

Colleen Ann Palmer, Loyola University Chicago
Mackenzie Cronin, Loyola University Chicago
Johnny Hugdahl, Loyola University Chicago
Grant Bardelli, Loyola University Chicago

Economic Implications of National COVID-19 Response

Luca Pascale
Kevin Sachtleben
Andrew Tavares
Nathan Geiser

Effect of Green Roofs on Multifamily Housing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Chicago

Stephanie Rodriguez

Effect of invasive Typha on sediment nutrient composition of Great Lakes coastal wetlands across a water depth gradient

Cassidy Redding, Loyola University Chicago

Effectiveness of Electric Barriers in Preventing Spread of Invasive Invertebrates Apocorophium lacustre and Procambarus clarkii

Zalia Cook

Effectiveness of Interventions for women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Angelica Gil

Effects of Common Chemotherapy Drugs on the Human Gut Microbiome

Emma Streveler, Loyola University Chicago
Moonis Nadeem, Loyola University Chicago
Michael Burns Dr., Loyola University Chicago

Effects of Gesture Targets on Anatomy Learning

Victoria Roberts

Effects of treatment for invasive Elodea canadensis on aquatic insect communities of the Copper River Delta, Alaska

Christina Mangano

Elections and the Stock Market: Analysis

Brittany Labadie
CJ Lencioni
Rich Stockel
Francine Staudacher

Electronic Social Distancing Machine

Dhruv Patel

Elucidating the Function of an Evolutionarily Conserved Embryonic Splice Variant of Type II Collagen During Vertebrate Development

Hind Mothana, Loyola University Chicago
Mayar Azar, Loyola University Chicago

Emergency Department Nursing Competency for Pediatric Patients with mTBI

Madeline Ohlms
Lindsey Garfield Dr., Loyola University Chicago

Emerging Forensic DNA Technologies & Ethical Concerns

Wendy Gruhl, Loyola University Chicago
Nina Saviozzi, Loyola University Chicago
Lydia Stemmler, Loyola University Chicago
Riley McCaffrey, Loyola University Chicago

Emil Been - Ricci Scholar-Research conducted during study abroad in JFRC Fall 2019 and LVC-LUC in Spring 2020

Emily Been

Energy chimney design project

Matthew Trejo
Paul Israelyan

Engineering Design Project: 8 Hour Masks for College Students

Lauren David
Adam Horwitz
Julia Burns
Madeline Bryan

Enterprise Product Partners - Investment Report

Patrick Mullen

Ephrin-A3 is Required for Tonotopic Map Precision and Auditory Functions in the Mouse Auditory Brainstem

Emma Majewski
Hieu Nguyen

Epiphany Johnican WLUW Internship

Epiphany Johnican

Equity-Centered Research on Chicago Food Policy Action Council’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Effort

Paulina Vaca, Loyola University Chicago
Rowan Obach, Loyola University Chicago

Evaluating Rape Myth Acceptance on Loyola University Chicago Campus

Audrey FuQi Harris, Loyola University Chicago

Evaluating the efficacy of electric fields on invasive crayfish based on observed behavioral changes

Kannon Larison

Evaluating the Role of Pesticides on Amphibian Fitness

Courtney Malinowski

Evaluation of Reduced Reaction Volumes for Quantifiler® Duo and Quantifiler® Trio

Wendy Gruhl
Gabriela Estrada, Loyola University Chicago
Sally Keller, Loyola University Chicago
Dayanna Carreno, Loyola University Chicago
Natasha Beyer
Emma McSpadden, Loyola University Chicago

Evaluation of the Use of Association Analysis, Decision Trees, and Neural Networks to Guide the Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus

Annika Whitcomb, Loyola University Chicago

Evaluation of Various Analogs of High-Throughput Screening Target Molecules as DapE Inhibitors Using the DapE Ninhydrin Assay for Novel Antibiotic Discovery

Megan Beulke


Elizabeth Caldwell
Kiley Tyler Dr., Loyola University Chicago

Exhibitions Development Internship at the Field Museum

Sarah Solver

Explaining Galactic Halos with Fuzzy Dark Matter

Serena Watson
Grace Bratrud

Exploring Branding with Chicago Farmers Market Collective

Hannah Geiser
Jack Kelner
Emily Kalinowski
Tia Kotsiopoulos
Callie Schanck
Majda Causevic
Jenny Myslinski

Exploring Differences in Observed versus Produced Gesture in Vocal Pedagogy

Erin Foy
Gregory Wakefield, The University Of Michigan
Elizabeth Wakefield, Loyola University Chicago

Exploring the Lived Experience of Full-Time College Students Recently Diagnosed with Chronic Illness

Kailey Anichini

Exploring the Relationship Between Gender Expression and Sexual Orientation: Experiences Among Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Women of Color in Chicago

Hannah Fuller

Expression of mRNA of the col2a1b gene during zebrafish embryogenesis

Arturo G. Gutiu, Loyola University Chicago
Timoteea A. Saitis, Loyola University Chicago
Vanessa L. Pahlow, Loyola University Chicago
Austin P. Runde, Loyola University Chicago

Fashion and the Economy: Decision Tree Analysis of the Economy's Influence on Fashion Preferences

Cassi Heintz

Fatigue, Drowsiness, and Emotional Memory

Charlotte Cornell, Loyola University Chicago

Female Entrepreneurship: A Comparison Between Italy and Vietnam

Madeline Horiuchi

Financial Issues Surrounding ART- Insurance Coverage for Families in Poverty

Tanya Dhiman
Anastasiya Pentya
Dana Jaffal
Saba Shalwani
Kevin Mendoza

Finvolution Group Financial Report

Daniel Kruszewski

First Star Academy Engaged Learning

Anjum Umrani

Foster Youth & Higher Education

Jackelin Vargas-Lara

Freely Exercised: A Comprehensive Guide to Brexit and the Possibility of Reunification on the Island of Ireland

Isabel Zuniga

Gender in Children's Novels

Sonja Anderson

Gene Annotation of Heterochromatic DNA across. D. ananassae Species

Trisha A. Patel

Gene Annotation of the Insulin Signaling Pathway Across Drosophila Species

Christine E. Severude

Gene Annotation of wdb Across Drosophila Species

Masha Bandouil

Gene Annotation of wdb in Drosophila simulans

Anjali Parikh

Genetic Basis Of Partner Specificity In Medicago truncatula-Ensifer meliloti Mutualism

Akankhya Behera
Roberto Flores


Asia Miller
Anita Nasseri

Genetic Dissection of the Contribution of Central and Peripheral Circadian Clocks to Drosophila Feeding Rhythms

Anita Nasseri

Genetically Engineering Phages for Therapeutic Use in Treating UTIs

Laura Maskeri

Genital Development in an All-Female Lizard Species, Lepidodactylus lugubris

Ryan P. Bonate, Loyola University Chicago
Elyse D. Laps, Loyola University Chicago

Genome Annotation of Contig1 in Drosophila ananassae

Victoria Hodkiewicz

Genome Annotation of LTR Retrotransposons in Trifolium repens

Henry Wittich
Howard Laten

Genomic Insights into Lactobacillus gasseri in the Urinary Tract

Adriana Ene

GirlForward: Empowering Girls to Become Tomorrow's Leaders

Samia Khatoon

Giving Back: Healthcare from an Insider’s Perspective

Sylwia Patrycja Balata, Loyola University Chicago

Goldman Sachs Investment Report

Daniel Mashiach

Graphic Design Internship with JLDELLO Artwork & Design

Rem Piguing

Hank Center Undergraduate Research Fellowship: Sarah LaVanway

Sarah Ann LaVanway

Healthcare Interning during Covid-19

Raphaella Trevil

Healthcare Strategies for Aging Populations in Italy and Vietnam

Mackenzie O'Donnell

Historical Accuracy in Theatre

Lily Gunther-Canada

History of Computing

Alexander Rose

Home Depot Investment Report 2021 Pericles Angelos

Pericles Angelos

How a Physician’s Religious Beliefs Frame an End-of-Life Prognosis For a Terminally Ill Patient

Tyler Hershenhouse

How do Undergraduate Students of Color Experience, Describe, and Cope with Mental Health Challenges in College?

Sarah Lehmann

How does time since invasion by hybrid cattail affect wetland soil microbial communities?

Maggie O'Brien

How my Internship has helped to further my Education -C.S. Henderson

Cheyenne Henderson

IceCube Anisotropy

Andrew Moy

Ignored Contextualized Epistemic Injustices in Encounters Between Black Patients and Doctors

Barni Nuur

Implementation of a Small-Scale Anaerobic Digester

Brooke McDonald
Anna Zachary, Loyola University Chicago
Valentine Geze, Loyola University Chicago

Implications of Eating Styles: Investigating the Associations between Depression, BMI, and Eating for Physical Reasons

Benito Garcia
Hannah Hagy, Loyola University Chicago
Amy Bohnert, Loyola University Chicago
Amy Egbert, Loyola University Chicago


Justin F. Domacena, Loyola University Chicago

Increases in midline and frontal EEG theta power reflect dynamic changes in the need for control when conflict in the environment is high during continuous action sequencing.

Amanda Henderson

Influences of Age and Language Background on Co-Speech Gesture Processing

Natalia Zielinski

Inhibition of laterodorsal tegmental nucleus glutamate inputs to the ventral tegmental area blocks neurochemical sensitization in mice

Nicole Buie

Injustice in the Judicial System

Clarice Fisher

Internship at Step Up For Mental Health

Julia Browning

Internship with Alderman Brendan Reilly

Destiny Jacque

Invasive Typha and Frog Call Activity in the Great Lakes

Elizabeth Thilges

Investigation and Characterization of a Series of Novel NNN-Pincer Ligand Complexes with Iron, Vanadium, and Gallium Metal Centers

Wei-Tsung Lee, Loyola University Chicago
Andrew Alcazar, Loyola University Chicago
Christian Andre, Loyola University Chicago
Theodore Gerard, Loyola University Chicago

Investigation of a Plasmodium line lacking the MAP6-related SAXO-1 gene

Sylwia Patrycja Balata

Investigation of Gödel-Type Coding of Protein Primary Structures

Ashvi Patel
Daniel J. Graham, Loyola University Chicago

Investment Report- Altria

Lizeth Canizales Olivo

Isolation of Microbes Essential to Anaerobic Digestion

Brennan Mcdonald

Journey Towards Change: Justice to Come

James Marshall
Mia Gardner
Blake Hall
Faith Puthenpurakal

Linking Public Transit Investment with Social and Economic Equity of Chicago Neighborhood Communities

Victoria Roggy
Nicole Bond
Jordan Souvigny
Rebecca Boswell

Links Between Storytelling and Engineering Talk during Home Tinkering Activities

Zach M. Levy, Loyola University Chicago
Riley E. George, Loyola University Chicago
Lauren Pagano
Catherine A. Haden, Loyola University Chicago

Longitudinal Symptom Load using Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System Surveys following Pediatric Concussion: A Descriptive Report

Taylor Hartman

Looping Pendulum: Theory, Simulation, and Experiment

Luke Ignell, Loyola University Chicago
Brendan O'Donnell, Loyola University Chicago
Collin Dannheim, Loyola University Chicago

Loyola Wellness Center: COVID-19 Care & Contact Tracing

Evelyn Vandervoort

Magnetic Induction Wand Design for Novel Penile Prosthesis​

Shannon Roney, Loyola University Chicago
Michael Mendoza, Loyola University Chicago
Maya McKenzie, Loyola University Chicago

Measuring plant nitrogen availability in forest soils with lab incubations and phytometer growth assays: a power analysis

Natalie Taylor, Loyola University Chicago
Ray Dybzinski, Loyola University Chicago
Meghan Midgley, Morton Arboretum

Mentoring Fostered Youth: The Do's and Don'ts

Rita Cale

Metrics Pipeline (Codename): An Analytics and Visualization Pipeline for Software Quality Metrics

Nicholas Synovic
Emmanuel Amobi
Erik Greve
Sophie Von Hatten
Austin Pinderski
Stephanie Rodriguez
Martin Zugschwert
Jamie C. Davis, Purdue University
Nicholas Hayward
Konstantin Laufer
George Thiruvathukal

Microplastic in Invasive Freshwater Clams (Corbicula fluminea) in Urban and Agricultural Streams

Teresa Lee

Mirela Masinovic- Erasing the Distance

Mirela Masinovic

Misericordia’s Personal Effectiveness Program (PEP): Virtual Wellness

Melissa Madrangca

Modelling Sustainable Building Heating and Cooling Systems Using Radiant Transfer Compared to Forced Air Convection Systems

Kyle Quan

Modulating C-Arm Settings to Reduce Radiation Exposure During Vascular Access Procedures

Daniel Derylo

My Language Internship and Me

Andrea R. Martino

My State of Mind

Trevor Bunger

My time at Catholic Charities' Office of Latino Affairs (2020-2021)

Aliette Diaz-Valls

National Czech & Slovak Museum Internship 2020

Melina Testin

Neutrino Oscillation

Kiet Anh Nguyen, Loyola University Chicago
Zachary T. Long, Loyola University Chicago

New GC-MS Assay for Amphetamine and Methamphetamine

James DeFrancesco
Amy Ahern
Tu Dinh
Jessica Haase
Oliwia Nazaruk

New GC-MS Assay for MDA and MDMA

James DeFrancesco
Anthony Antalis
Danielle Coco
Edie Creamer
Moira Greaney

Next-Generation Prenatal Testing

Ryan Bonate
Rebecca Sullivan
Hannah Crowley
Anna Bielanski
Victor Suarez

Non-Electric Social distancing Device

Damian Gonzalez
Jonathan Drysdale-Anderson

Non-Medical Virus Protection Face Mask

Cedric Ching, Loyola University Chicago
Thomas Garity Fernandez, Loyola University Chicago
Joseph Cronin, Loyola University Chicago

Nvidia Pitch

Adeeb Alzaidi

Offering Educational Support to Rogers Park’s Refugee Population

Emma O'Driscoll

Open-mindedness, Belief Bias and Political Cognition

Samuel Salmeron, Loyola University Chicago

Order Parameter and Director Angle to Evaluate Electric Barriers

Sarah Sukanen
Justin Hameline
Zalia Cook

Organizing at a Distance

Teresa Mooney
Teresa Mooney

Pediatric Airway with Mucus

Amaan Khan
Amira Imperial
Hayden Duncan

Perception and Attribution of Benevolent and Hostile Sexism in Intimate Partnerships

Eva Baer

Personality Types, Passwords, and Cybersecurity Nudges

Anna Bakas, Loyola University Chicago
Anne Wagner, Loyola University Chicago
Eric Chan-Tin, Loyola University Chicago
Shelia Kennison, Oklahoma State University - Main Campus

PFAS Uptake in Kale from Compostable Material

Lamija Memidzan

Photolysis of Emerging Contaminants on Hydrophilic Plastics

Hannah Almeida

Plastic-Mediated Photolysis of Flame Retardants

Kate Hebert, Loyola University Chicago
Xiolmara Martinez, Loyola University Chicago
Hannah Olson, Loyola University Chicago
Claire Calhoun, Loyola University Chicago
Paul Chiarelli, Loyola University Chicago

Policing and Arrest Rates in Chicago

Brian O'Hara

Potential Spread of Great Lakes Invasive Species Under Climate Change

Jack Marte, Loyola University Chicago
Victoria Prescott, Loyola University Chicago
Reuben Keller, Loyola University Chicago

Practice Led Research Through the Lens of Dance Film

Masha Bandouil
Nia Montgomery
Miller Tennant
Annie LeDuc
Hannah Hinerman
Naomi Alvarado
Liv Rivich

Promoting Support Through Social Media

Mitchell Deligio

Proteome Association Studies in Populations of Diverse Ancestries

Isabelle Gregga, Loyola University Chicago
Elyse Geoffroy
Ryan Schubert
Heather Wheeler, Loyola University Chicago

Questioning the Mind/Body Dichotomy in Science Communication

Masha Bandouil

Reducing Racial Disparities in Maternal Morbidity and Mortality

Samantha Johnson

Refugee and Immigrant Parent Engagement in School-Intervention: A Qualitative Analysis

Amatul Husna

Reproductive Assistance for Individuals with HIV

Emma Hutson
Henry Stevens
Marda Sebagadis Abay
Maanasa Kanimilli
Wardah Mohammed

Retrospective Analysis of X-Ray Usage in Vascular Access Procedures

Daniel Derylo

Row Your Volts

Yazan Ibrahim

Savoring: A Significant Mediator Associated with the Efficacy of Mindfulness Based Interventions on Depressive Symptomatology

Asnia Rafiq
Hassan Khan, Loyola University Chicago
Ian J. Kahrilas, Loyola University Chicago
Andrew Rauch, Loyola University Chicago
Rebecca Silton, Loyola University Chicago

Self-Care on the Crisis Lines

Julia Rotondi

Sex Trafficking in Chicago: My Time at Salt and Light Coalition

Megan L. Japczyk

Shared Stem Cells in the Zebrafish Caudal Body and Fin

Fred Pickett
Thomas Scott, Loyola University Chicago
Maya Roytman, Loyola University Chicago
Grace Manske, Loyola University Chicago
Joelle Robinson, Loyola University Chicago
Shepherd Yancey, Loyola University Chicago
Sydni Hall, Loyola University Chicago
Adian Keserovic, Loyola University Chicago
Emma Loftesnes, Loyola University Chicago
Shireen Baig, Loyola University Chicago
Max McDonnell, Loyola University Chicago
Mirza Baig, Loyola University Chicago
Paula Martin, Loyola University Chicago

Simulation of Aquatic Electric Barrier in Chicago Area Waterway System

Turner Mullarkey
Tommy Sisk, Loyola University Chicago

Social Justice in Collegiate Athletics

Perla Solano

Social Justice Internship During a Pandemic

Blake Everson

Standing Up: Women, Comedy, and Politics in the United States

Cameron Sheppard

Stargazing Porcupines CFMC Research Symposium

David Lunar

Strategies for Identity-Affirming Language and Their Effects in LGBTQ+ Healthcare

℅ Roshni Koul

Stream Water Quality Assessment Using Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Ashwaubenon and Dutchman’s Creek, Wisconsin

Jack Liang

Structure and function of phosducin-like protein 3 from three model organisms

Elizabeth Kojak

Subcloning of Flag-STN1-Flag from pBabe-puro to pCL-Flag-myc-puro to Test Relationship Between STN1 and Chemotherapeutic Agents

Anita Nasseri

Subversive Religiosities

Maura Frank

Supporting Immigrant on the Path to Citizenship

Montserrat Villasenor

Supportive Accountability in Mental-Health Mentoring of Youth

Adorina Bethishou

Suppression of Puberty in Transgender Teens

Michelle Kantor
Maggie Pacquer
Sarah Khan
Emma Streveler
Marisa Tiangco

Survival of the Fittest in the Long-Term Evolutionary Experiment

Alexa M. Nicholson, Loyola University Chicago

Swan Lake Remediation and Resource Recovery

Kyle Quan
Max Kurinsky
Camryn Aten

Synthesis of a Folate-Mediated Photodynamic Therapy Agent and Application in Zebrafish Embryos

Aishah Kothawala, Loyola University Chicago
Allison Monterastelli, Loyola University Chicago
Phuong Pham, Loyola University Chicago


Isaac Schwarz

Synthesis of Tetrazole-based DapE Inhibitors as Potential Antibiotics

Katherine Torma

Systems thinking approach to mitigate antibiotic resistant pathogens

Eric Karney

T - Mobile Investment Report

Manuel Fronciani Cassanello

Team Blueberries - Chicago Farmers Market Collective Market Research

Maria Marcus
Vaishnavi Vembar
Logan Taggart
Jane Benkelman
Catherine Wember
Srishti Srivastava
Tom Simmons

Team Rocket Chicago Farmers Market Collectives Research

Juan Borrero
Renata Amezcua
Antonio Gonzalez
Humberto Hinojosa

Team Starstruck Chicago Farmers Market Collective Market Research

Francesca Spizzo, Loyola University Chicago
Riley L. Brown, Loyola University Chicago
Brenden Oeth, Loyola University Chicago
Victoria Hart, Loyola University Chicago
Malessa McKillip, Loyola University Chicago
Athena Gall, Loyola University Chicago
Sania Arndt, Loyola University Chicago

Team Wolf: Chicago Farmers Market Collective

Radhika Patel
Jacob Sax
Fernando Bahena
Lissy Gantos
James Riordan
Amy Wu Feng
Maheshwar Singh

Temporal Stability in a Marine-Freshwater Stickleback Cline

Rebecca Sullivan

Temporal trends in the abundance of litter on Lake Michigan beaches using datasets generated by volunteer clean-up events over 20 years

Sarah Maguire
Maxwell Menconi

Testing Serial Reccurent Neural Networks and Instance Theory models of learning using skilled musicians and non-musicians

Emily Ann Urbanczyk
Lawrence P. Behmer Jr.
Adjoa Darkwa
Zainab Siddiqui
Amanda Henderson
Michael Chammany

The Acute Effect of Packed Red Blood Cell Transfusion on the Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen in Mechanically Ventilated Children After the Norwood Operation

Riddhi Patel

The Chicago Farmer's Market Collective

Ashley Kroc

The Early History of Dark Matter

Luke Ignell

The Education and Training of Diplomatic Personnel in Italy and Vietnam

Sydney C. Williams, Loyola University Chicago

The Effect of Curcumin and Piperine on the Human Gut Epithelium and Resident microbiota

Vraj Patel

The Effectiveness of CO2 Snow Cleaning on the Surface of Sample Carriers

Jessica Luc

The Effects of Racial Centrality on Stereotype Threat

Kendall Cathleen Redwood

The Effects of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors on the Human Gut Microbiome

Sarah Syed

The Ethical Implications of Intersex Surgery

Riddhi Patel, Loyola University Chicago
Meghana Mohan, Loyola University Chicago
Rohini Maddigunta, Loyola University Chicago
Riya Trivedi, Loyola University Chicago
Lauren O'Neil, Loyola University Chicago

The Impact of a Mindfulness Mobile Application on Compassion and Psychological Well-being

Marie Chamberlain
Carol Hundert, Loyola University Chicago
Colleen Conley, Loyola University Chicago

The Impact of Discipline Fairness on School Connectedness: Exploring the Role of School Discipline Approaches

Jamie Kessler, Loyola University Chicago
Cynthia Onyeka M.A., Loyola Univesity Chicago
Yael Granot Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago
Maryse H. Richards, Loyola University Chicago

The Impact of Domain Knowledge and Cognitive Fit on User’s Cognitive and Affective States: An Exploratory Analysis Using Biometrics in the Context of Business Information Visualization

Ines Gonzalez Di Martino

The Impact of Multimodal Other-Race Exposure on the Development of the Other-Race Effect in Infancy

Aleena Ferozuddin

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Subscription Video-On-Demand Services

Samira Azhar, Loyola University Chicago
Brady Morris, Loyola University Chicago
Ryan Casey, Loyola University Chicago
Shea Guillot, Loyola University Chicago

The Impacts of a Dissolved Carbon Dioxide Barrier on Behavior of Aquatic Invasive Snails Cipangopaludina chinensis and Physella acuta

Natalia Szklaruk
Colette Copic, Loyola University Chicago

The Importance of Public Healthcare Infrastructure During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Brian Nguyen

The Interaction between Chronotype and Napping on Inhibition in College Students

Maria Younan
Hannah Hagy, Loyola University Chicago
Amy Heard Egbert, Loyola University Chicago
Amy Bohnert, Loyola University Chicago

The Kohima Project: August 2020 - May 2021

Frances Rafferty

The Longitudinal Effects of Maternal Mental Health on Child Coping

Farah Harb
Yvita Bustos, Loyola University Chicago
Catherine DeCarlo Santiago, Loyola University Chicago

The Memorialization of War Ricci Scholars 2019-2020

Thomas Olson

The role of caffeine, nicotine and theobromine in the biodiversity and function of the human gut microbiome

Thomas Stanila

The Role of trc in the Development of Glia in the Nervous System

Andrea M. Kirincic, Loyola University Chicago

The Umbrella Sensor Package

Jack Segal, Loyola University Chicago
Hannah White, Loyola University Chicago
Franklin Jakubow, Loyola University Chicago

THEO 395 Internship Presentation: Including Trans Narratives in Christian Theology Classes

Sarah LaVanway

Transit Funding: Progress or Partisan?

Braden Perry

Unpacking the World of Content Creation

Devashree Thaker

Unraveling White Privileges: Race and Salvation in a Religiously Diverse World

Amy Ieremciuc

Using K-Means Clustering and Neural Net Analysis to Define and Predict Chicago Neighborhood Energy Consumption Trends

Aidan Gregory
George Campau
Ananth Ieyengar
Dominic Schroeder
Tristan Schneider

Utilizing Remote Sensing and Climate Predicted Precipitation Patterns to Drive Water Resource Infrastructure Investment Decisions: Marwa, Tanzania

Franklin Jakubow, Loyola University Chicago
Valentine Geze, Loyola University Chicago
Hannah White, Loyola University Chicago

Variation in Caregiver Responsivity and its Relation to Latino Dual Language Learners’ Language Skills

Maily Galindo

Victor Camacho PSYC 390 Internship

Victor Gabriel Camacho

Virtual Outreach and Advocacy

Diandra Sarr

Volatile Organic Compounds in the Midwestern U.S.

Riley Miller

Walgreens Boots Alliance Investment Report

Iris Boparai

What Humanity Means to Me: Through My Non-Profit Journey.

Mya Yousef

What Makes Deponents Different? Problems in Latin deponency, and a new method for its study

Carl Lewandowski

Why Depression is on the Rise Amongst Millennials and Gen Z

Katherine Santucci, Loyola University Chicago

Xerox Investment Report

Devin Myers