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A Circadian Output Center Controlling Feeding Rhythms in Drosophila

Carson Fulgham

A Longitudinal Look at School Climate and Students' Motivations for Attending University

Bailey Sanderson

A novel inhibitor of feeding in Drosophila

Jason Jesse

A Pedagogical Approach to General Relativity and the Membrane Paradigm

Joseph E. Summers, Loyola University Chicago
Arthur J. Kraus, Loyola University Chicago

A Review of Quinolone Antimalarials

Miriam Velazquez

A Series of 4- and 5-Coordinate Nickel Compounds

Andrew Karafa

AbbVie Pump Automator

Robert Schirmer

Agent-Based Modeling of Group Decision Making

Marisa Hofstetter

Analysis of Elemental Content of Organic Samples by Total X-Ray Reflection Fluorescence and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

Szymon Kasperek
Martina Schmeling Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago

Anatomical Model of Human Ear with Drainage Reservoir

Prajit Chatterjee

Anatomical Model of The Human Eye

Leanna Greeenlee, Loyola University Chicago

Annotating the D. ananassae Genome

Lana Tinawi

Antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli in the female microbiota. Phylogenetic differences within the Escherichia coli.

Adriana Ene

Archaeological Archival Research of Site 11-MH-5151

Rebecca Caithamer

Assessing Remediated Waste Water Modifications for Use as a Microbial Fertilizer in Urban Agriculture

Owen Lang

Assessing the Complexity of Protein Primary Structures Using Gödel-Type Coding

Ashvi Patel
Daniel J. Graham, Loyola University Chicago

Autonomy and Addiction and What It Means for the Rest of Us

Aaliyah Sevier

Bacteriophages VS Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms

Genevieve Johnson
Catherine Putonti, Loyola University Chicago

Bilingual Development in Toddlers

Nayeli Cervantes-Jimenez

Biodiesel Acid Water Washing

Deja Scott
Shrdha Shrestha
Sarah Sukanen
Minh Nhu

Biomedical Engineering - Baxter International

John Brouillette
Michael Boldt
Lilianne Pukhrambam

Building and Organizing Community: A Year as ONE Northside’s Police Accountability Intern

Anna Rose Lamountain


Julianna Scivinsky

Changes in cognitive control after high-demand trials during continuous motor performance: Slower RTs and increases in midline theta

Michael Chammany, Loyola University Chicago

Chicago Community Research Fellowship

Sophia Zilles
Marely Guzman
Sara Mohama
Nathan Petithomme

Chicago's Eviction Crisis

Isabelle Abbott

Citizen Diplomacy: Chicago as a Center of Cultural and Diplomatic Exchanges

Megan Delaney

Coliphage Diversity of the Female Urinary Microbiome

Taylor Miller-Ensminger, Loyola- CAS

Comparing and Contrasting Language Education in American and Polish Schools

Monika Czopek

Comparing the consistency of nucleic acid extraction of human gut microbiota from extraction kits that use various lysing technologies

Ziyi Sun

Contributing to a Nonprofit's Vision to Make Chicago Home for Girls Searching for Refuge

Efrata Sasahulih

Control neuron activity with miniature magnetic coil – theoretical and experimental study

Lauryn Barrett

CORRECT ACA Coverage Expansions and Rates of Suicide Among Young and Working Age Adults

Nicole Entzeroth, Loyola University Chicago

Creating a Diverse Database of Ability-Based Activities

Maanasa Kanimilli

Crime in Chicago: Red Light Violations and its Association with Violent Crime

John Schweizer
Michael Esson, Loyola University Chicago
John Leininger, Loyola University Chicago
Nathan Langhauser, Loyola University Chicago
Nick Goble, Loyola University Chicago


Marie-Pia Marga Gomes
Alex Demange
Nuala Kalensky

Custom-designing Rabbit Stereotaxic Frames for Force Measurements Using 3-D Printing

Cassandra N. Grosskopf

Database of Unsalaried Officers: A Summary of a Year's Work

James E. Rubino, Loyola University Chicago

Defending and Advocating for Immigrant Rights: Reflecting on My Experience as an Immigration and Naturalization Intern

Edith Reynaga

Demographics and Graffiti Occurrences in Comparison to Gang Presence Across Chicago

Hailey Laari
Vivian Vaughn

Denaturation of Small Proteins In The Presence of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate

Madeline Sheahan

Denitrifying Attached Growth Bioreactor

Audrey Sferra
Isabelle Bester
Abdurahim Share
Marina Gonzalez

Detection and Quantification of Magnesium in Biological Samples

Edison Michael Hurh

Determination of Microplastics in the Sediment of Chicago and Des Plaines River

Luca Cherubini
Tham Hoang

Development of New Catalysts Through the Synthesis and Characterization of High-valent Metal Complexes

Keit Dine, Loyola University Chicago

Developmental Gene Expression in the Adhesive Toe Pads of Anolis Lizards

Alyson Reese

Dialogical Art

Shannon Shahinian
Molly Gehrmann

Disgust and Vaccine Attitudes

Sophia I. Todorov

Distribution of the Invasive Amphipod Apocorophium lacustre in the Des Plaines and Illinois Rivers

Megan Barrera, Loyola University Chicago

DN1p Cell Activity is Dispensable for Circadian Rest:Activity Rhythms Under Constant Environmental Conditions

Thomas R. Sallese, Loyola University Chicago
Thomas Robert Sallese

Don't Go Breaking My Heart: Misericordia Heartbreakers and Empowerment Through Dance

Brittany Taylor

Effects of Language Background on Children’s Processing of Gesture in Narrative

Natalia Zielinski

Elucidating the Function of an Evolutionarily Conserved Embryonic Splice Variant of Type II Collagen During Vertebrate Development

Dhruti Bangaley
Hind Mothana
Mayar Azar

Emergency Department Nursing Competency for Pediatric Patients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Madeline Ohlms

Empirical evidence of nitrogen, water, and phosphorus uptake as functions of fine root mass to inform next-generation terrestrial biosphere models​

Megan Prosser
Natalie Taylor

Encouraging Autonomy in Refugees and Asylees

Sophia I. Todorov

Engaged Learning: A semester in D.C.

Jane Miller

Engagement in Lake View, Chicago

Kathryn Bennett

Eph/Ephrin Expression in the Developing Geniculate Ganglion

Metin Aksu

Establishing a critical period for metabolic set point determination in Drosophila melanogaster

Molly Klug

Evaluation and Utilization of DNA "Barcodes" to Enhance the Efficacy of Clover Species Identification

Reema Martini
Akankhya Behera
Ashley Rawson

Evaluation of Algae Bioremediated Waste Water for Reuse within the Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Lucia Daboub

Examining Perspectives on LGBT+ Mentoring for College Students

Vincent Sarna

Examining Youth School Connectedness and Youth Perceptions of School Resource Officers as a Function of Experiencing Community Violence

Jamie Kessler
Cynthia Onyeka M.A.
Maryse H. Richards Ph.D.

Executive Control Network Transcranial Alternating Stimulation (tACS) Modulates Visual Analogical Reasoning

Shana Ward
Sara Temelkova
Emma Sims

Exegesis on Done Not Finished

Allison Haussler

Exploring the Healthcare Experience of Eritrean Refugees Living in Midwestern U.S.

Radia Daud

Exploring the Healthcare Needs and Experiences of Legally Blind Adults

Emily Minneci

Exploring the Nucleotide Specificity of Sucrose Synthase from Nitrosomonas europaea

Mira Sethi

Exploring the Role of Social Media Platforms on Family Rituals

Vanessa Santamaria

Fear & (In)Action: The Emotional Manipulation of Dissent in Contemporary National Political Discourse

Cindy Dang

Focal Suppression of Epileptiform Activity in the Hippocampus by a High-Frequency Magnetic Field

Nicole Apostolopoulos

Freedom of Expression in Azerbaijan

Lindsay Post


Celeste Martinez

Gamification to Educate on Combined Sewer Overflows and Improve Water Conservation

Anisha J. Kapoor
Brooke Lepore
Jack Segal
Max Kurinsky

GC-MS Analysis of Pyrogallol and Purpurogallin

Amy Blencowe, Loyola University Chicago
James V. DeFrancesco, Loyola University Chicago

Gender, acculturation, and ethnic identity in Mexican families: A closer look at immigration and identity

Lauren Tan

Gene Annotation of Heterochromatic DNA across Drosophila Species

Karolina Senkow

Genetic Dissection of the Contribution of Central and Peripheral Circadian Clocks to Drosophila Feeding Rhythms

Anita Nasseri

Genetics of Chemotherapy Toxicity in Human Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines from Diverse Populations

Ashley Mulford

Genome Annotation in Drosophila ananassae

Naisargi Patel

Genome Annotation of LTR Retrotransposon in Trifolium repens

Henry Wittich

Happiness Index: A Neural Network Model of American Cities' Happiness

Colleen Palmer, Loyola University Chicago
Lauren Kroll, Loyola University Chicago
Samira Azhar, Loyola University Chicago
Varsha Kalangari, Loyola University Chicago

Harry Truman Wellness Center

Carllie Meeks

HCA Internship 2020

Sonnie Lee

Helix Chicago Insight and Action Report

Juveriya Ali
Noah Frey

Herpetofauna de Madre de Dios

Alexandra Brzezinska
Lily Paukstys
Veronika Szczepanik

How Action and Gesture Guide Children's Visual Attention During Verb Learning

Madeline Jurcev

Identification of Circadian Output Genes That Affect Rest:Activity Rhythms in Drosophila

Naisarg Vanani

Identifying Gene Mutations For E. coli Antibiotic Resistance

Kashyap Patel

Identifying the Archaeological Signatures of Inequality: An Analysis of Inequality at Late Formative La Joya and Bezuapan

Nicholas Puente

Immigrant Parents’ Acculturative Stress, Parenting Practices, and their Preschoolers’ Self-Regulation and Assertiveness

Maria Radulescu

Impact of Acculturation Gap Stress on Latino Adolescents in the U.S.

Maria Camila Afanador Ardila

Impacts of Pharmaceuticals on Microbial Colonization of Microplastic in Streams

Leila Tuzlak

Implications of Chronodisruption on Physical and Mental Health in College Students

Alexandra Gremp

Improving Diversity, Inclusion and Data Equity in Social Services

Kira Lee Hutson, Loyola University Chicago

Improving the Security of Autonomous Vehicles using Evolutionary Neural Networks

Max Kurinsky
Brook Abegaz

Improving the Security of Autonomous Vehicles Using Fuzzy Logic

Franklin Jakubow

Improving the Security of Autonomous Vehicles Using Model Predictive Control

Valentine Geze

Improving the Security of Autonomous Vehicles using Supervised Machine Learning

Naxi Shah
Brook Abegaz

Improving the Security of Autonomous Vehicles using Unsupervised Machine Learning

Sophia Sklar

Improving the Security of Power Grids using Fuzzy Logic and Hidden Markov Models

Anna Zachary
Brooke Lepore
Nafisa Ali

In My Defense

Gina Saglimbeni

In vivo screening of novel anti-malarial therapeutic compounds in a malaria mouse model system

Sylwia Balata

In vivo screening of novel anti-malarial therapeutic compounds 
in a malaria mouse model system

Manuel Widuch

Increases in Midline and Frontal Theta Reflect the Degree of Cognitive Control Required During Continuous Motor Performance When Explicitly Monitoring Output

Sarah R. Palkowitz
Michael B. Chammany
Lawrence P. Behmer Jr.

Inferring Gene-Trait Associations with Diverse Population Gene Expression Prediction Models

Elyse Geoffroy
Isabelle Gregga

Information Convergence and Divergence of Protein Primary Structures Encoded by HIV-1

Mohammed Syed

Institute of Medicine of Chicago (IOMC) Academic Internship Presentation

Mahima Verma
Meghna Kuriakos

Integrating Emotional Intelligence Training into a Career and Life Planning Seminar for Students Transitioning Out of College

Saba Shalwani
Carol Hundert, Loyola University Chicago
Maya Hareli, Loyola University Chicago
Colleen Conley, Loyola University Chicago

Interactions between Microplastic Fibers, Microbial Communities, and Triclosan in Freshwater Streams

Masooma Sultan, Loyola University Chicago
Astha Chokshi, Loyola University Chicago

Internship E-Portfolio

Patricia Hatzopoulos

Internship Experience at The Pediatric Developmental Center

Tiffany Cervencik

Invasive cattail residence time affects plant communities and belowground processes

Maggie O'Brien

Investigate the role of ephrin-A3 in Tonotopic Map Formation of the Mouse Cochlear Nucleus

Yazan Altarshan
Ahmad Alzein

Investigating SAXO-1, a novel putative microtubule associated protein (MAP) of the malaria parasite Plasmodium

Filza Ali

Investigating the function of the microtubule binding protein SAXO1 of the malaria parasite Plasmodium

Mary Woloszyn, Loyola University Chicago

Investigating the role of ephrin-A3 in Tonotopic Map Formation of the Mouse Cochlear Nucleus

Ahmad Alzein

Investigation and Bioengineering of Chromate Reductase YieF for Heavy Metal Detoxification and Bioremediation

Samantha Michelle Linek, Loyola University Chicago

Investigation of the Structure and Function of Phosducin-like Protein-3 in Eukaryotes

Michela Marra

Lili Elbe Digital Archive

Aliana Capati, Loyola University Chicago
Cristiana Bertola, Loyola University Chicago

Mariposas de Peru

Sydney Nice
Michael Pederson

Market Research for Onward

Sophia Cataldo

Mechanisms of Repression Under Stalin

Andrew Fowler

Meeting our Students Where They Are: Using Formative Assessment in Introductory Chemistry

Elizabeth Stumpe

Misericordia’s Fitness and Pool Center Through the Lens of an Intern

Omar Zahra

Modeling leptin resistance in Drosophila melanogaster

Austin Mansfield
Maryam Butt

Modeling Wind Flow Around Single Obstructions to Aid in Wind Turbine Placement Decisions

Jacklyn Hoppe

Molecular Crowding Effects on Stability and Kinetics of Trinucleotide Repeat Hairpins


Molecular Docking and Synthesis of GNAT PA3944 Substrates and Inhibitors

Xhulio Arolli

Molecular Dynamics of HPMC/SDS Interactions

Omar Zahra

Molecular Dynamics of Naproxen Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation

Lubna Hashim

Molecular Dynamics of Protein Denaturation by Urea

Amita P. Nguyen

Mosaic Analysis of Precursors of Nerve, Bone and Vasculature in Caudal Body and Fin of Zebrafish

Madeline Fitzhugh
Emily Kim
Linda Kim
William Mati
Tahir Razzaq
Dharm Sodha

My Experience at Care For Real

Andrew Aviles

Neuroplasticity corresponding to different electrical stimulation waveforms – Preliminaries

Madelyn McCullen, Biomedical Engineering
Vincent Chen Dr., Department of Engineering Science

Optimization of GC Assay for 1,3-dimethylamylamine

Howard Williams, Loyola University Chicago
James V. DeFrancesco, Loyola University Chicago

Origins of school readiness: Understanding the Role of Support in Emerging Adulthood and Early Childhood

Rachel Rolseth

Overexpression of ribbon Disrupts Gonad Development and Gametogenesis in D. melanogaster

Pauline Sulit

Oxygen Limitation Hypothesis

Jillian Schuberth

PACTT Learning Center - The Way Forward?

Megan Frasik

Painting a Movement: The Importance of Ecoaesthetics and the Necessity of Art Activism in the Environmental Movement

Hannah Fogel

Pangolin Habitat Environment Remote Monitoring System Senior Computer Engineering Capstone Design Project

Matthew Cmiel
Michael Pecherek
Katarzyna Czyz

Perceptions of People Who Misgender Trans Individuals

Lina Flores Wolf

Performing Arts Accessibility

Gianni Carcagno

Personality Types and Passwords

Spencer Johnston
Anna Bakas
Eric Chan-Tin
Sheila Kennison, Oklahoma State University

Polyomavirus JC Virus and its Prevalence in the Urinary Tract of Women with Overactive Bladder Symptoms

Rita Mormando

Precedence Effects in Binaural Hearing: Do they exist for both time and level differences?

Sarah Darnell
Nikita Mahay
Madyson Bondi
Salah Siddiqui

Privacy and Security: Assessing the Current Layout Present Within Universities

Mutah Kholoki

Progress Presentation - 370 Psychology Honors Research

Mary Mick

Public Incentives for Affordable Housing

Mario E. Guerrero, Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship

Questioning the Mind/Body Dichotomy in Scientific Communication

Masha Bandouil

Random Knots

Andrew Ducharme
Emily Peters, Loyola University Chicago

Realistic Website Fingerprinting Attacks

John Mikos
Eric Chan-Tin, Loyola University Chicago

Recruitment of a Diverse Infant Sample in the Investigation of the Development of Social Processing

Diana Mahlis

Research Through Process and Change: Bolero

Alexandra Ditoro

Responding to Gender Harassment in Educational Environments

Monica Contractor

ResponseLockR: An Open Source ERP Analysis Toolkit

Angie Georgaras

Ribosome Display for the Generation and Selection of a Panel of Pan-Filovirus Single-Chain Antibodies as Diagnostics

Dawid Maciorowski

Robustness of Cancer Microbiome Studies and Human Steroid Hormones Influence Gut Microbial Community Structure

Sidra Sohail, Loyola University Chicago

Seeking Refuge With RefugeeOne

Aldrin Panganiban

Shedd Market Research

Mark Montella

Simulations of Surfactant-Celecoxib Nanocrystal Interactions

Caitlyn Smith
Ken W. Olsen, Loyola University Chicago

Smart Control of Buck Converters using a Switching-based Clustering Algorithm

Matthew Cmiel

Social Justice Internship: HR & Staff Development

Makayla Ostapa

Spectral Detection of Elemental Chromium in Biological Samples

Allison Lueders

Spectrophotometric assay for dapE-encoded N-succinyl-L,L-di aminopimelic acid desuccinylase, a potential antibiotic target

Elliot Gild

Spiral Ganglion Neurons with Distinct Preferred Frequency Response Employ Different Strategies to Innervate the Cochlear Nucleus

Chloe Borcean

Spiral Ganglion Neurons with Distinct Preferred Frequency Response Employ Different Strategies to Innervate the Cochlear Nucleus

Jennifer Scheffel
Chloe Borcean, Loyola University Chicago

Stack Deck Re-design

Jacob Mitzenmacher
Amadeusz Rydzy

Storytelling Though an Anti-Deficit Lens

Ethan Chiu
Lauren Mendoza

Structures From Chaos In a NIM Game

Ian Cowen, Loyola University Chicago
Zen Nguyen, Loyola University Chicago

Student Operation of Avian Relief

Carly Fournier
Mackenzie Roof, Loyola University Chicago
Kevin White, Loyola University Chicago
Alicia Vrabec, Loyola University Chicago

Student Perceptions of Onward Chicago

Daniel Lore
Margaret Marinic
Jason Janiga
Kailie Ryan
Peter McCague
Julia Gaubert
Danuta Teklinski

Studies of the Photo-transformation of Emerging Contaminants Adsorbed onto Plastic in an Aqueous Environment

Nicolas Jozefowski, Loyola University Chicago
Kate Hebert, Loyola University Chicago
Luke Reckamp, Loyola University Chicago
Xiolmara Martinez, Loyola University Chicago
Paul Chiarelli Ph.D, Loyola University Chicago

SUCCEED! Critical Reflections on Social Justice through University-assisted CSI Research

Audrey DeHaan
Carolyn Baldwin
Erin Kleinschmidt
Eduardo Palma
Vaishnavi Sadigale

Synthesis and Application of Folate-Mediated Photodynamic Therapy Agent Modeled in Zebrafish Embryos

Aishah Kothawala, Loyola University Chicago
Allison Monterastelli, Loyola University Chicago


Isaac Schwarz

Synthesis of Disulfonates as DapE Inhibitors Toward the Creation of Novel Antibiotics

Oliwia Ozog

Synthesis of GNAT PA3944 Substrate Analogs

Madison Anonick
Thahani S. Habeeb Mohammad, Loyola University Chicago
Cory Reidl PhD, Northwestern University
Xhulio Arolli
Misty Kuhn PhD, San Francisco State University
Daniel P. Becker Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago

Synthesis of Tetrazole-Based DapE Inhibitors as Potential Antibiotics

Katie Jane Torma

Synthesis, Characterization, and Oxidation of Copper (I) Complexes Using N,N,N-Pincer Ligands

Isabel Garcia
Jayke Giese

Synthesizing DapE Inhibitors through Molecular Dynamic Simulations

Kristeen Bebla

System Modeling of Brain-Neuromuscular Functions for Developing Brain-Computer

Michael Ethan Mendoza, Loyola University Chicago

System Modeling of Brain-Neuromuscular Functions for Developing Brain-Computer Interface

Michael Ethan Mendoza, Loyola University Chicago
Sebastian Cacceres, Loyola University Chicago

TARP: Transposable Element Assembly Remapping Pipeline

Ethan Holleman

Team Target: Onward Chicago Market Research

Abibe Azizi, Loyola University Chicago
Mareah Khosa, Loyola University Chicago
David Melecio, Loyola University Chicago

Team Target: Shedd Aquarium Market Research

Abibe Azizi
Mareah Khosa, Loyola University Chicago
David Melecio, Loyola University Chicago

Temperature Dependence of CO on Rh (111) by Absorbed Oxygen

George Hildebrandt

Temporal Analysis of Heavy Metal Content in Black-Crowned Night Heron Eggshells Collected at the Lincoln Park Zoo

Madeleine Burt

Testing a New Protocol for Extracting Microbial DNA from Urine Samples

John Michael Van Dusen

The Brain Development of Anolis sagrei

Alexandrea Turnquist

The Challenges and Opportunities of IS Programs in Addressing Societal Challenge of Military Veteran Undergraduate Education & Integration

Leilani Silo

The Conservation of Functional Uncertainty in Biological Proteins

Omar Zahra

The DC Experience: Interning at Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch during USMCA Negotiations

Alejandra Portillo

The Effect of Feeling Essentialized on Outcomes of Direct Confrontation

Emily A. Doerner

The Effect of Selenium Hyperaccumulation on the Astragalus Microbiome

Conrad Kurowski

The Effect of Severity of Mental Health Problems, Perceived Public Stigma, and Confidence on Students’ Willingness to Seek Treatment

Avery Pankratz, Loyola University Chicago

The Effects of Museums and Private Collections on Ephemeral Objects: Exploring Commoditization, Demand, and Movement

R. Owen Ruggiero, Loyola University Chicago

The Effects of the Interactions between Microplastic Fibers (Acrylic and Polyester), Microbial Communities, and Triclosan in Freshwater Streams

Masooma Sultan, Loyola University Chicago
Astha Chokshi, Loyola University Chicago

The effects of Typha x glauca on Great Lakes coastal wetland algal populations

Gavin Chisholm

The Effects of Water Temperature on the Bone Development of Esox masquinongy

Bernardo Bartolomeo

The Expression of the col2a1b Gene During Zebrafish Embryogenesis

Indre Januskeviciute, Loyola University Chicago
Vanessa Lee Pahlow, Loyola University Chicago
Timoteea Saitis, Loyola University Chicago
Austin Runde, Loyola University Chicago

The Fungus Among Us

Carly Fournier

The Great Wave of Japanese Women Artists: A Response to Gender Roles in the Home, the Workplace, and the Image of the Japanese Female

Magdalena Mastrandrea

The Historic Foundations of Recent Guatemalan Migration and How They are Connected

Gabriella Gardziola

The Impact of Power and Need for Closure on Advice Taking and Confidence

Madison Schaefer

The Importance of "Bad Stats"

Madelynne Drescher

The Influence of Media Violence Exposure on Explicit and Implicit Emotional Face Processing

Zoa Glab
Laura Stockdale, Brigham Young University
Sylena Wilson
Marley Hornewer, The University Of Michigan
Sydney Samoska, Loyola University Chicago
Joseph Vukov, Loyola University Chicago
Rebecca Silton, Loyola University Chicago
Robert Morrison, Loyola University Chicago

The Potential Buffering Mechanisms of Reptilian Embryos Developing Under Thermal Stress

Michelle Hajduk

The Power of Inclusive Space: Pushing Every Girl Forward

Mikaela Marino

The Relation of Analytic and Synthetic Listening Strategies

Aaron Sciborowski

The Relation of Authoritative School Climate with Emotion Regulation and Social Competence in High School Adolescents

Grace Ann Fitzgibbons, Loyola University Chicago

The Role of ALK (Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase) in Gonad Development

Claire Chaikin

The Role of Arginine 27 in Melainabacteria ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase

Sarah Smith

The Role of Ribbon in Gonad Development and Homeostasis

Shannon McDonnell

The Role of trc in the Development of Glia in the Nervous System

Nicole Saylor, Loyola University Chicago
Andrea Kirincic, Loyola University Chicago

The Social Power of Children's Literature

Sonja Anderson

Title: The Effect of Curcumin on the human gut epithelium and resident microbiota

Vraj Patel

Transcriptome-Wide Association Study of Prostate Cancer in Diverse Populations

Peter Fiorica

Trash to Table: Pleurotus pulmonarius Cultivation on Spent Coffee Grounds

Brendan Twaddell

Trends in Plastic Surgery in Relation to United States Demographics

Meghan Patel, Loyola University Chicago
Amanda Rioboli, Loyola University Chicago
Marie Sherlock, Loyola University Chicago

Tutoring at the Loyola Literacy Center

Helen Tasho

Uncommon Ground Green Residence Design

Stephanie Nash
Brianna Fenzl
David Paper
Paul Daehee Park Chung

Uncovering interactions between oral hormone contraceptives and human gut microbiota

Jessie Chen
Annemiek Doedens, Loyola University Chicago
Sri Contractor, Loyola University Chicago
Sidra Sohail, Loyola University Chicago
Michael B. Burns Dr., Loyola University Chicago

Understanding the Drug-Host Relationship Between the Microbiome and Common Chemotherapeutics in Colorectal Cancer Patients.

Maryam Khalid

Understanding Visitor Motivation at Shedd Aquarium

Eva Zhoushi
Danny Hawkins

Using Cluster Analysis to Determine Factors of Success in Local Chicago High Schools

Laura Cuevas
Hannah Niehoff
Daniel Bulgarelli
Zachary Clark

Using Human-Mediated Factors to Estimate the Risk of Red Swamp Crayfish Introduction Across Lentic Waterbodies in Illinois

Eve Hemingway

Using the Human Microbiome as a Model for Antibiotic Efficacy

Dawid Maciorowski

Violent Crime and Youth Resilience

William Donnelly, Loyola University Chicago

Visual Schedules & Priming Strategies: Integrating Behavioral Strategies in Transition Support for Persons with ASD at Misericordia Home

Adrian Medina

Volunteer Relations at Catholic Charities

Julia L. Dodson

We Still Count: Ethnographic Research On Subculture Developed Through Social Media

Valerie Santillan

Which Unarmed Robberies Should Qualify as Violent Crimes under the Armed Criminal Career Act?: Examining Public Views

Mark Livshots

Who is Multimodal? An Analysis of Commuting in Chicago

Matthew Kaefer

Who Saw that Hoatzin?

Jenna Molaro
Ethan Ferguson, Loyola University Chicago

Working Towards Social Change: My Experience in the Office of Latino Affairs at Catholic Charities

Vanessa Santamaria