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A Fruitful Experience without the Fruitful Synthesis

Ryan Richardson

A Psychometric Study of Open-mindedness: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

Aaliyah Korkoyah

A qualitative analysis of ethnic/racial congruence in schools and the challenges and supports newcomer families experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic

Paloma Unda Charvel
Susana S. Sosa, Loyola University Chicago
Catherine DeCarlo Santiago, Loyola University Chicago

Academic Internship at Reading is Fundamental

Connor Bishop

Accessing Gap Detection & Frequency Discrimination in Mice Utilizing the Acoustic Startle Reflex

Lynn Tran, Loyola University Chicago
Aniruth Senthilkumar, Loyola University Chicago

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Yvonne Avila

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Diet Quality in young African American women: A descriptive analysis of a community-based survey

Thilini Fernando, Loyola University Chicago
Sparkle Springfield PhD, Loyola University Chicago

Aerobic Digestion: Characterizing the Effects of Food Particle Size on Reduction of BOD and TSS Prior to Discharge in the Municipal Sewer

Emma McBride

Air Pollution

Janice Igwe

Air Pollution and Neurodevelopment in Children

Olivia Orr

Air Quality

Hiral Patel

Aldermanic Intern at the 46th Ward

Riya Chaudhary

Alex Calcagno - Internship ePortfolio

Alexandrea Calcagno

An Analysis of COVID-19 and Poverty in the United States

Trevor Haakon Tormoen, Loyola University Chicago
Anthony F. Campana, Loyola University Chicago
Matthew R. Driscoll, Loyola University Chicago
Patrick J. Monnin, Loyola University Chicago

An Analysis of income-based health care clinics in the City of Chicago

Valeria Monreal

An Insight into Nursing Retention Rate: Literature Review

Emily Najera

An Overview of Lead Water Consumption in Chicago

Zachary H. Wilder, Loyola University Chicago

Analyzing Variation in Fruit Shape Across Varieties of Astragalus lentiginosus

Olivia Knizka

Apple Investment Pitch Presentation

Samuel De Vita

Asian American Political Participation

Josephine Manlimos

ASML Recommendation Pitch

Zhengcheng Lyu

Assessing Frequency Discrimination Ability in Ephrin-B2 Mutant Mice

Shayma Smaoui

Assessing Influence of SSRIs on the Human Gut Microbiome

Kathya Delgado

Assessing Methods for Thin-Sectioning Teeth

Luz Castrejon

Assessing the effects of human presence on reptile and amphibian population density in Southeastern Peru

Sophia Janidlo
Megan Mech

Association of Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness, and Inflammatory Markers in Women Veterans

Solea A. Smith, Loyola University Chicago
Karen Saban, Loyola University Chicago

Audre Lorde - Unpacking Intersectionality and Oppression in Feminism

Maya Thomas

Augustine vs. Lucifer: An Exploration of the Portrayal of Eve

Andrea Meraz

Autism and Identity: Standing at the Axis of Oppression

Samantha Chipman

Balsamic Vinegar Reproducibility Study of Heavy Metal Quantification Method Using Spectral Analysis

Allison Lueders

Based on a Reel Story

Kennedy D. Mallory, Loyola University Chicago


Ariel Gines

Being Maxine: My Grandmothers' Stories Told Through Dance

Maxine Tewsley

Better Together: Trauma Informed Practices for LGBTQ+ Youth Homelessness

Emily Waskowitz

Biodiversity Through the Lens of Bird Flocks

Grace Whitten
Lucas Ochoa
Brian Thompson

Butterflies and Moths of Peru

Richard Dollhopf
Josie Neville

Cannabis Analysis I: What’s in a Cannabis Gummy Bear?

James V. DeFrancesco, Loyola University Chicago
Camryn Delacruz
Samantha Seidenfuss
Danielle Coco

Cannabis Analysis II: Detection of Cannabinoid Acids that Inhibit COVID-19 Infection in Consumer Products

James V. DeFrancesco, Loyola University Chicago
Demetra Spores

Cannabis Analysis III: Improved Separation of Terpenes and Terpenoids

James V. DeFrancesco, Loyola University Chicago
Emma M. Humphreys

Canon Inc Investment Slides

Julian Torres

Catholic Charities Latino Affairs Department

Esther Marcos, Loyola University Chicago

Catholic Charities: Immigration and Naturalization Intern

Daniela Cabrera

Catholic Seminaries in Italy and Vietnam

Emma Mitchell

Central Clock Control of Drosophila Feeding Rhythms

Ruth J. Meier

Characterization of the Role of Notch in Drosophila Testes

Christine Severude

Characterizing lentic habitats in golf courses and adjacent green spaces surrounding the Chicago Metropolitan Region: diversity and abundance of aquatic insects

Ashriya Ashik Patel

Characterizing the Inducible 1-Cysteine Peroxiredoxin Promoter in the Malaria Parasite Plasmodium berghei

Lara Ladney

Chicago Crime on Full Moons

Jack Hutchinson
Arielle McKeever
Timothy Dennis

Chicago Methodist Senior Services

Nzuzi Malonga

Chicago Pollution and Asthma Hospitalizations

Andrew Barclay
Konrad Stefanski
Lochlan Brown

Chicago Urban Flooding Resilience and Citizen Science

Hailey Martin
Adele Gedig
Kira Lipson
Vivian Cossey
Dakota Lane
Diana Salapata

Chicago's Highway System: A Route to Poor Health Outcomes?

Solea A. Smith, Loyola University Chicago

Chlorosilane effect on the efficiency of Metal-Catalyzed Carbonyl-Olefin Metathesis

Clare Anderson

Chris Mills EXCM 395 E-Portfolio

Christopher Mills

Clean Air Is Everyone's Right

Georgia Baker

Cleaning Crew Statement of Work

Elizabeth G. Berding
Cecilia M. Miskowski, Loyola University Chicago
Anna M. Harmon, Loyola University Chicago
Mackenzie T. Hansen, Loyola University Chicago
Dikshi A. Modi, Loyola University Chicago
Kassidy Ann Ivers, Loyola University Chicago
Sanaa M. Hill, Loyola University Chicago

Climate Change's Impact on Women's Health

Olivia Larson

College-Aged Religious “Nones” and their Political Views: A Comparison in the Wake of the Disaffiliation Trend

Liv Eidukat

Community-Led Exposure Assessment in Otsego, Michigan

Joely Gonzalez

Comparing Aquatic Invertebrate Samples Collected from Chicagoland Waterways to Midwest Biodiversity Institute Waterbody Quality Reports.

Madeline Misicka

Confronting Burnout

Nia Montgomery

Constitutional Design and Democracy: Analyzing Brazil and Egypt

Andrea Melaragno

Consumer Spending as a Predictor for COVID-19

Cooper L. Hawley, Loyola University Chicago
Isabel L. Miller, Loyola University Chicago
Marshall D. Sommer, Loyola University Chicago

Content Analysis of Cook County Correctional System News Coverage by the Chicago Sun-Times

Gwen Madden

Cook County Community Survey: Medical Discrimination at the Intersection of Race and Body Mass Index

Emma O'Driscoll

Cook County Community Survey: Online Food Delivery Services

Ben Stringer, Loyola University Chicago

COVID-19 Experiences within the Suburban Cook County Hispanic/Latino Community

Farah Elhoumaidi

COVID-19 Strikes Again: Mental Health of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities in Rural Communities

Elizabeth M. Ernhart, Loyola University Chicago

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Rural Americans

Isabelle Stewart

Crocs Equity Pitch

Andrew Turner

Cross-population Transcriptome Prediction Models for Transcriptome-Wide Association Studies in Diverse Populations

Christopher Nguyen
Dr. Heather Wheeler
Daniel Araujo

Cross-sectional examination of sluggish cognitive tempo, ADHD-inattentive symptoms, and mental health diagnoses in college students

Eva Darow, Loyola University Chicago
Mattison Jentz, Loyola University Chicago
Blair Martin, Loyola University Chicago
Adrian Melendez, Loyola University Chicago
Genevieve Roth, Loyola University Chicago
Zoe Smith, Loyola University Chicago

CTA Red Line Ridership

Megan Fowler, Loyola University Chicago
Tate Maurer, Loyola University Chicago
Nathan Geisier, Loyola University Chicago

Cultivating Community & Creating Safe Spaces at GirlForward

Mia Roman

CURL’s Research Findings on Englewood Women’s Initiative (EWI)

Andy Estrada, Loyola University Chicago
Meredith Farrar, Loyola University Chicago

Dangers of Microplastic

Sophana Srisak

Danielle Soukup Unpaid Academic Internship Experience - WINGS

Danielle Soukup

Death and Dying in Italy and Vietnam: Reflections on my Ricci Project

Samantha Chipman

Debating Gender Inequality in the American Social Sciences: Political and Institutional Explanations (1960-2020)

Megan Grizzle

Deeds of a Doula: The Impact of Doula Care on Maternal and Neonatal Health in the United States

Maya Roytman

Deforestation Video

Kely Ann dela Cruz

Democracy, The New Deal, and COVID-19: The Argument for a People's Theatre

Anna Kutter

Democratizing Social Media: Meta and Self Governance

Elizabeth Joka

Demolition Derby: Sequencing Escherichia Coli Strains

Esabella Yon

Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms and their Association with Sleep Consistency in Female College Students

Lora Djambov

Design and Synthesis of Inhibitors of Sodium Dependent NADH: Ubiquinone Oxidoreductase (Na+-NQR) as New Antibiotic Agents

Evan Scruggs

Design and Synthesis of Sodium-dependent NADH:Ubiquinone Oxidoreductase (Na+-NQR) Inhibitors as Novel Antibiotics

Emma Simmons

Detection of Multiple Hairpins in a DNA Construct

Tiffany Wanyoike

Determining the Genetic Component of Protein Levels with TWAS

Henry Wittich, Loyola University Chicago
Heather Wheeler, Loyola University Chicago

Developing a novel assay to measure antibody binding specificity

Caitlyn Dang

Development of a Laboratory Based Grazing Incidence X-Ray Fluorescence Instrument

Tyler Hershenhouse

Development of a Balance Evaluation System Using Accelerometers and Machine Learning Algorithms

Evelyn Zurawski, Loyola University Chicago
Sharf Abutaleb, Loyola University Chicago

DHS CRCL Compliance Branch Internship Experience

Gabrielle Castro

Dialed In: Practice Led Research in Dance

Emily Carroccio, Loyola University Chicago
Caitlin Dyer, Loyola University Chicago
Sydney Osborne, Loyola University Chicago
Gretchen Plinke, Loyola University Chicago

Digital Editorial Internship at Modern Luxury

Serena Napolitano

Digital Marketing and Consumer Privacy: A look at Vietnam and Italy

Abby Peterson

Disrupt Disparities 2.0

Ashia Walker
Christine George
Lillian Platten
Diane Williams
Ariel Fleenary

Do children in the welfare system with different types of social support networks have different developmental/intellectual needs?

bana husseini

Do water quality improvements in coastal communities affect geographic mobility? Evidence from the Great Lakes

Jillian R. Hyink, Loyola University Chicago

DoH Privacy

Nkem Mogbo

Drosophila PhLP3/CG4511 is Required for Spermiogenesis

Christopher Petit

Dynamics of the A-2 subclade within the Demolition Derby Experiment (an extension of the Long-Term Evolution Experiment)

Jessica Tiv

eBay Investment Report

Sydney Seufzer

Effect of the double mutation Y39A/R75A on the allosteric regulation of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase from agrobacterium tumefaciens

Thomas Bennett
Gabriela Martinez-Ramirez Ms., Loyola University Chicago
Mashael Alghamdi Dr., Loyola University Chicago
Raina Hussien Dr., Loyola University Chicago
Dali Liu Dr., Loyola University Chicago
Miguel A. Ballicora Dr., Loyola University Chicago

Effects of brew time and temperature on the aerobic conversion of organic waste from aquaponics systems into fertilizer

Justin Ross, Loyola University Chicago
Caroline Bursler, Loyola University Chicago
Saheba Cuccia, Loyola University Chicago
Sophia Alvarado, Loyola University Chicago
Marilla Smith, Loyola University Chicago
Ben Wilson, Loyola University Chicago

Effects of DNA looping behavior using smFRET

Natalie West

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Hand Hygiene Practices of Healthcare Professionals

Katherine Crouch

Efficacy of the Non-Proliferation Treaty on an International Scale

Chloe Ryan

Elder Mistreatment: An Iminant Issue for Our Aging Population

Abigail Doyle

Electric School Buses in Illinois

Bryan Dominguez

Electronic Waste: The toxic currency of Agbogbloshie, Ghana

Christopher Simpkins

Elucidating the Function of an Evolutionarily Conserved Embryonic Splice Variant of Type II Collagen During Vertebrate Development

Regina M. Antonetti
Allan C. Youmaran
Antonia M. Madonia
Krystal L. Panagiotaros
Samantha Swank
C. Lantz Ingersoll
Rodney M. Dale

Emma Dunderdale Internship ePortfolio

Emma Dunderdale

End of Life Care and Nursing Homes in the United States: Ethical Considerations of Racial Inequities

Nico Canlas
Samantha Chipman
Rebecca Sullivan
Janel Sweet

Energy Dependence Of Cosmic Ray Anisotropy

Andrew Moy

Enhancing Creative Cognition with Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS)

Salma Farag
Calior Bestwick
Chinedum Ekeh

Environmental Intern for Chicago's Department of Aviation

Christopher Simpkins

Environmental Justice

Ananya Pati

Environmental Justice... For Who?

Sanjana Rangaswamy

Environmental Racism in Chicago

Emily Pearl Waskowitz

Environmentally Unjust Lead Exposure in Chicago

Elizabeth DeLoreto

Equitable Childcare Accessibility for the Immigrant Community

Bridget Deasy

Ethical Implications of Brain-Computer Interfaces: A Comparison of Public and Provider Perceptions

Maya Roytman

Ethical Perspective for the Debate of Human Cadaver Use vs. Simulations for Anatomy Training

Vanessa Portugal Reis, Loyola University Chicago
Andre Herrera, Loyola University Chicago
Maria del Mar Villanueva Guzman, Loyola University Chicago
Kit Ziemba, Loyola University Chicago

Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Family Court Enhancement Project in the Cook County Circuit Court Domestic Violence Court, Chicago, IL

Anna Monarski

Evaluating the Impact of COVID-19 in Chicago Through ArcGIS Exploration

Melissa Madrangca

Evaluating the Lead Teacher Program: Supporting K-12 Ambassadors and Leaders in Green Chemistry Education

Elizabeth Kojak

Evaluating Written Beliefs About Women and Men Who Experience Sexual Violence

Audrey Harris

Evaluation of DapE Inhibitors Utilizing the DapE Ninhydrin and Thermal Shift Assays Toward the Discovery of Novel Antibiotics

Megan Beulke

Evaluation of Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches to Evaluating Creativity in the Alternatives Uses Task

Corin Cameron
Augusta Zukauskas
Michael Lemenager

Examining the Effect of Biochar on Invasive Typha x glauca in a Greenhouse Experiment

Mitchell Mc Greal
Brian M. Ohsowski, Loyola University Chicago
Shane Lishawa, Loyola University Chicago
Andrew M. Monks, Loyola University Chicago

EXCM 395 - Internship

Anneka Murrin

EXCM 395 Internship at Chicago Methodist Senior Services

Gia Baldassano

Exercise Science E-portfolio & Internship

Nicole Levandowski

Exercise Science Undergraduate Internship Presentation

Layal Zaidan

Experiential Learning Portfolio - Ali Ahmad

Ali Ahmad

Exploring How Schools Support Newcomer Students and Parents

Elani Williams

Exploring Parental Discipline As a Potential Buffer Between Parental and Adolescent Substance Use

Fareeha Irfan

Exploring Substance Use for Undergraduate Nursing Students within their College Experience

Gabrielle Borkorm
Cynthia Paidipati, Loyola University Chicago

Expression and Purification of Drosophila Phosducin-like Protein 3

Anna Bielanski

Expression and Purification of Drosophila Phosducin-like Protein 3

Anna Bielanski

Expression of mRNA of the col2a1b gene during Zebrafish Embryogenesis

Arturo G. Gutiu, Loyola University Chicago
Mansi V. Patel, Loyola University Chicago
Rodney M. Dale, Loyola University Chicago
Austin P. Runde, Loyola University Chicago

ExxonMobil Investment Report - Antonio Gonzalez III

Antonio Gonzalez III

Facilitators and Barriers to HIV Testing

Reena Nandyala

Facilitators and Barriers to HIV Testing

Reena Nandyala

Facilitators and Barriers to Mentor-Mentee Relationships in a Mental Health-App Intervention

Mattheus Shack
Sarah E. Broner, Loyola University Chicago
Colleen S. Conley, Loyola University Chicago

Faking Identities and Committing Fraud Crimes in Cyberspace

Christine Graf

Federal Cap and Trade Program Proposal and Analysis

Skylar Michaels, Loyola University Chicago
Thomas Crabtree, Loyola University Chicago
Tim Ventrella, Loyola University Chicago
Ryan Carr, Loyola University Chicago
Fiona Farrer, Loyola University Chicago

Feminism and Forgiveness: Catholic Women's Responses to Gender-Based Microaggressions

Emily Schultz

Fill Your Gaps of the Spectrum

Yesenia V. Munoz

Filling Every Seat: An Analysis of Gameday Factors’ Influence on Baseball Attendance

Cole Janssen, Loyola University Chicago
Joseph Braby, Loyola University Chicago
Shamoun Daudi, Loyola University Chicago
Katrina Nishioka, Loyola University Chicago

Fine Arts Internship at Penguin Foot Pottery

Callie Bergeron

Flint Water Crisis

Vinti Bakhshi

Food Deserts

Sarah Craig

Forget Fertilizers

Brittney Brown

Formulating New “Hand+Electronics” (all-in-one) sanitizers for safer e-learning Practices During the COVID-19 Crisis

Miguel Camara

Frankie Diaz

Francisco Diaz

Fundraising & Development Internship - GirlForward

Olivia Martel, Loyola University Chicago

Fungi of Madre De Dios

Fiona Farrer
Al Dines
Sidney Ryan

Gabriella Alghini EXCM 395 Internship Portfolio

Gabriella Alghini

Gabriella Alghini Northwestern Memorial Cardiac Rehab and Diagnostics- Mellon Foundation Scholarship

Gabriella Alghini

General Motors Stock Pitch Presentation

Brian Seeber

Generating Equity within the Food System Through Institutional Purchasing

Rakayla T. Campbell, Loyola University Chicago

Generation and Validation of an Inducible, Tissue-Specific Reporter of Drosophila Circadian Transcriptional Activity

Meghan Cholak
Connor Morfoot

Generation Z: Social Media and News Consumption

Christian S. To, Loyola University Chicago
Vince D. Arden, Loyola University Chicago
Hyeon Park, Loyola University Chicago
Yaritci V. Moncisvais, Loyola University Chicago
Anastasiia Koval, Loyola University Chicago
Sam J. Uhlarik, Loyola University Chicago
Callie Lauren Hunter, Loyola University Chicago

Genetic Inference From Directional Asymmetry During Convergent Hindlimb Reduction in Squamates

Ethan Elazegui
Sophia Janidlo

Genetic Variation in Fat Depot Weights is Diet- and Sex-Dependent in Mice

Nafia Naila, Loyola University Chicago

Gerber/Hart Library and Archives Internship

Sarah E. Gerards, Loyola University Chicago

Gestalt Principles in Data Visualization

Natalie Tse
Dinko Bačić Dr., Loyola University Chicago

Gestures in the Courtroom

Mary Nagai

Green Roofs and Consumer Behavior in Chicago

Harrison Evers
Grace Finegan
Brianna Wrobel

Greenlight Counseling Services Internship

Marisa Bowman

Haymarket Internship

Enkh-Ariun Munkhgerel Ms., Loyola University Chicago

Health Behaviors of College-aged Students During COVID-19

Emily Ligas

Health Branding on Consumers' Perception of Well-Being

Claire Sheehan
Caitlin Waldron
Matthew C. Almonte
Ignacio R. Sanchez
Tracy Ellison

Healthcare with a Focus in Neurological Disease Solutions

Andrea Hernandez

Heat Waves

Jennifer Gaucin

How Do People of Color Experience, Describe, and Cope with Mental Health Challenges in College?

Sarah Lehmann

How Do Social Media Discourses Shape Gendered Stereotypes of Women in Entrepreneurship?

Caitlin A. Osei, Loyola University Chicago

How Knockdown of DNT1 in Clock Neurons Influences Circadian Rhythm in Drosophila

Natalie S. Shamon

How Weather Affects the Ridership of the CTA

Colten Cary
Will Kelley
Trevor Tormoen

Human PhLP-3 (TXNDC9) Database Research Project

Arden Luers
Stefan M. Kanzok, Loyola University Chicago

Human Services Professionals Perceptions on the Trauma, Stigma, and Mental Health on the Wellbeing of Latine and Hispanic Undocumented Immigrants

Christobal Dominguez

Huntsman Investment Report

Nicholas Hardie


Michael Luszczak

Hypertension is Associated with Adiposity in Middle Age African American Adults

Mikaela Faith Lies

Identifying Opportunities to Improve Path to Diagnosis of de novo Metastatic Breast Cancer in Young Women

Sarah Strom, Loyola University Chicago
Tamara Hamlish, University of Illinois at Chicago

Illinois Access to Justice Project

Katherine Woziwodzki

Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

Ashley V. Klocke


Samantha A Chipman

Impact of Religion and Green Space on Local Suicide Rates in the United States

Linsie Zou

Impact of Religion and Green Space on Local Suicide Rates in the United States

Linsie Zou

Impacts of Great Lakes Typha Invasion on Anuran Species

Elizabeth Thilges

Implementation of Technology in Nursing Homes to Combat Psychosocial Effects of COVID-19

Sarah E. Totta, Loyola University Chicago
Regina M. Antonetti, Loyola University Chicago
Kaylie N. Burck, Loyola University Chicago
Priyali Patel, Loyola University Chicago

Improvement upon Series of Fe Complexes

Julian Lomeli

Improving Suction Technology for Nerve Activity Recording

Joyce Ruan

Improving trapping methods to manage invasive crayfish in the Chicago Region

Emma Donnelly

Increasing Substance Misuse Rates: Social Media's Role

Ananya Pati

Indoor Air Quality and Its Impact on Low Income Communities

Ty List

Infant Face Processing in a Multimodal Context

Alexandria Michalak, Loyola University Chicago
Maggie Guy, Loyola University Chicago

Intel Pitch Presentation

Eduardo Fidalgo

Intern at Alderwoman Hadden's Office

Ellery Jenkins Therriault

Internalized Homophobia and Psychological Distress among Black Sexual Minority Men: A Meta-Analytic Review

Enrique Jimenez


Anna Alvarez

Internship at PAWs Medical Center

Brianna Plecki


Valeria Toledo

Intonation in Second Language Acquisition

Marissa Cabrera

Introduction of Advocacy

Mia Silvestros, Loyola University Chicago

Invasive rusty crayfish have displaced native crayfish in nearshore Lake Michigan habitats.

Jonathan Herald
Reuben Keller, Loyola University Chicago

Investigating Microtubules in the Human U2-OS Cell Line

Saavaiz Durrani
Manny Widuch, Loyola University Chicago
Stefan M. Kanzok, Loyola University Chicago
Grifin Berge

Investigating Niche Width of Invasive Crayfish in Chicago Using Stable Isotope Analysis

Mikayla Ballard

Investigating the Relations Between Psychache and Co-occurring Depression and Anxiety Symptoms

Osinigwe Ibekie
Alexis Walker
Rebecca Silton

Investigating the Relationship Between Psychological Pain and Co-occurring Depression and Anxiety Symptoms

Alexis Walker

Investigating the Temporal Synchrony of Speech and Gesture

Emma Tumminaro

Investigation of carbon monoxide (CO) oxidation on Rh(111) with IRRAS

Christina Grytsyshyn

Investigation of CO oxidation on Rh(111) with IRRAS

Faith Lewis

Investigations into the Mechanism of Energy Transfer between Aromatic Microplastics and Pollutants during Photolysis

Hannah M. Olson, Loyola University Chicago

Investment Report - ViacomCBS

Christian Turiello

Karen Gomez EXCM 395 E-Portfolio

Karen Gomez

Knockdown of Hedgehog signaling pathway contributes to midline craniofacial development and facial elongation in the lizard Anolis sagrei

Naaz Khan, Loyola University Chicago
Greta Keller, Loyola University Chicago
Rushabh Shah, Loyola University Chicago

L-DOPA Interaction with the Human Gut Microbial Community in Parkinson’s Disease

Emily Kring

LA Sewage Spills

Shanti O'Neil

Lead In Drinking Water

Yvonne Avila

Learning Portfolio

Angelina Zakariya

Life Cycle Assessment of Food Waste Management Techniques: Loyola University Chicago Lake Shore Campus

Matthew O. Lorentz, Loyola University Chicago

Long term clinical outcomes for Crouzon and Apert syndrome patients who underwent Monobloc and Le-fort procedures

Sara Fuentes-Lara

Long-term health effects of the Flint Water Crisis

Mary O'Donnell

Loyola Lakeshore Campus Food Forest Proposal

Molly Bittner, Loyola University Chicago School of Environmental Sustainability
Nina Connor, Loyola University Chicago School of Environmental Sustainability

Loyola Urban Agriculture Internship Experience

Sophia L. Alvarado

Madness of NBA Talent in March

Steven Zelkowitz
Mary Grace Poeckes

Marjorie Kovler Center Survivors of Torture Internship

Carinne Jarvis

MARK 399- Trustboration's Cannonball Into Urban Water Parks

Edward Carlo Macenas
Rudy Navarrete, Loyola University Chicago
Daniel E. Hernandez, Loyola University Chicago
Joseph R. Valascho, Loyola University Chicago
Fabiana Angel Sakun, Loyola University Chicago

McDonald's Investment Report

Emile Farah Cordero

Measuring the Electric Field During Thunderstorms Using the Telescope Array Surface Detector

Kaleigh O'Brien

Media Consumption in the Age of COVID-19

Mary Weiermiller, Loyola University Chicago
Hannah Howard, Loyola University Chicago
Caro Bush, Loyola University Chicago
Margaret Cronin, Loyola University Chicago
Caleb Frank, Loyola University Chicago
Elise Giles, Loyola University Chicago

Medical Aid in Dying

Sarah Compton, Loyola University Chicago
Gaby DiMartino, Loyola University Chicago
Alina Geabou, Loyola University Chicago
Anna Soltys, Loyola University Chicago

Medical Futility: The Ethical Dilemma

Love Patel
Leonardo Hernandez, Loyola University Chicago
Hemali Patel, Loyola University Chicago
Cassie Sala, Loyola University Chicago

Medical Schools: The Ultimate Gatekeepers

Naomi Shah, Loyola University Chicago

Mellon Scholarship Presentation - Maya Gomez

Maya Gomez

Mellon Unpaid Academic Internship Award Presentation- Carolyn Dickey, MOCSA

Carolyn Dickey

Memory is Fleeting

Sofie Kupiec

Mendelian Randomization Analyses of Genetic and Environmental Influences on Cardiometabolic Health in African-origin populations using TwoSampleMR

Camilla Czapla

Mental Health Popularization Over the Pandemic

Idiake I. Irumundomon, Loyola University Chicago

Microplastic Abundance across Aquatic Habitats in Lake Michigan Tributaries

Audrey Eros
Olivia Schaul
Jesus Leal


Sarah Eisouh

Milwaukee school of languages equity non-negotiables survey

Dorien Perry-Tillmon

Morgan Stanley Investment Pitch

Jeffrey Pearson

Motivational interviewing as a technique to reduce non-suicidal self injury in college students

Danielle R. Arntson, Loyola University Chicago
Sarah E. Broner, Loyola University Chicago
Colleen S. Conley Ph.D, Loyola University Chicago

My Internship Experience: Sen. Duckworth's Chicago Office

Gillian R. Cookerly-Dietrich

My Story: Social Justice Internship, Volunteer Relations Intern

Jaia Goan

My Year with One Northside

Mary Polupan

Neighborhood Majority Race's Impact on Mortgage Loans

Zoe Christenson

Opening the Mind: Brain Stimulation, Theory, and Practice

Sydney Samoska

Optimizing Microbial Communities for Anaerobic Digestion

Brennan Mcdonald

Overfishing on the Coasts of West Africa

Rose Thornquist

Patient Care at a School-Based Health Center During COVID-19

Yesenia M. V. Munoz

Patient Protection Program: Improving Cultural Awareness for Underrepresented Minority Communities in Mental Health Facilities

Vinti Bakhshi

PepsiCo Investment Report

Nico Albert

Performing Proteome, Genome, and Transcriptome Studies for Creatinine Clearance

Rhea Prag
Heather Wheeler

Phishing For Fun

Madeline Moran

PhLP-3 Structure and Function: DmPhLP-3

Elizabeth Kojak

Physical Fitness Profile of Air Force ROTC Cadets

Caitlin Tarpey
Aly Rahmatullah, Loyola University Chicago

Plastics Impact on Human Health

Emily Lakomski

Polyethylene Mediated Photolysis of Halogenated Flame Retardants in an Aqueous Environment

Claire J. Calhoun

POW Graphic Novels

Melina Testin

Practice Led Research in Dance

Molly Kaiser
Nina Jackson
Liv Rivich
Ainsley Pew
Serra Yazici
Anna Labriola
Neva Lang

Practice Led Research in Dance- We Built A House

Alysha Grancorvitz
Arielle SV McKeever
Merritt Stults
Nia Montgomery
Naomi Alvarado

Project Cannonball

Naomi Alvarado, Loyola University Chicago
brandon higashi, Loyola University Chicago
Daanyaal Khalid, Loyola University Chicago
Cristian Fear, Loyola University Chicago

Project Cannonball

Vaishnavi Vembar, Loyola University Chicago
Maria Marcus, Loyola University Chicago
Jon Winters, Loyola University Chicago
Renata Flores Amezcua, Loyola University Chicago
Ashlyn Giardano, Loyola University Chicago
Yarizet Cordero, Loyola University Chicago
Malessa McKillip, Loyola University Chicago

Project Cannonball - Team Creaboration

Melina Testin
Callie L. Hunter, Loyola University Chicago
John R. Jeannotte, Loyola University Chicago
Morgan T. Beemer, Loyola University Chicago
Alexandra S. Neary, Loyola University Chicago

Project Cannonball: Team Creativiteam

Sam J. Uhlarik, Loyola University Chicago
Stephen Loyola, Loyola University Chicago
Ethan T. Judge, Loyola University Chicago
Moises Pavon, Loyola University Chicago
Jose Jasso Sanchez, Loyola University Chicago

Proteome Association Studies for Cancer

Isabelle Gregga, Loyola University Chicago
Heather Wheeler, Loyola University Chicago

Provost Fellowship: Disputes in Pie Charts

Ariana Krbanjevic

Prudential Financial Stock Report

Henri Pfaff

Public Perception of Gender and Legitimacy on the Court: a Study of Descriptive and Substantive Representation

Kate Soulliere

Quality of Maternity Care at Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

Artena Collins

Quantifiler Trio Reduced Reaction Volume and Inhibited Samples

Wendy Gruhl
Lydia Stemmler, Loyola University Chicago
Sydney Leffler, Loyola University Chicago

Quantifying Microplastics in Migratory Birds: Loyola University Chicago Campus

Mitchell Mc Greal
Stephen Mitten S.J.
Carly Fournier

Quantifying Resource Waste Within Over-Policed Emergency Response Systems

Margaux Whitehead

Quirky Squad Statement of Work

Madeline Bartusch
Silvia Gonzalez
Laura Carrillo
Mateo Guerrero
Humberto Aranda
Maria Jaramillo
Paola Salome

Racial and Ethnic Representation in Clinical Psychotherapy Research

Vivian McGaughey

Radicalization and Recruitment Online: An Analysis of Alt-Right Online Extremist Groups in the United States

Colleen Trzybinski

Reactivity and Fluorescence of NNN-Pincer Complexes of Transition and Main Group Metals (V, Ga)

Teddy Gerard
Christian Andre, Loyola University Chicago

Readability of Online Patient Education Materials for Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Catherine Nguyen, Loyola University Chicago
Yue Zhang, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine

Realities, Perspectives, and Challenges in the accompaniment of migrant populations in the context of mobility

Camille Morhun, Loyola University Chicago
Alejandro Olayo- Méndez, Boston College
Jane Hopkins-Walsh, Boston College

Rearing malaria mosquitos of the species Anopheles stephensi

Giovanni Rodriguez

Reducing Food Waste Contributions to Greenhouse Gas Emission Through the Use of Anerobic Digesters

Amelia Bergbower

Reducing Single-Use Plastic In Chicago's Edgewater Neighborhood

Kathryn Mauery
Graham Clute
Alexa Agra
Sherelyn Venuso
Polina Cherepkova

Relation Between Bilingual Child Gesture use and Language Development

Carla Jauregui
Perla B. Gámez PhD

Relations between executive function and snacking behaviors in youth during the COVID-19 pandemic

Amrita Kaur Rehal

Relationships between exposure, knowledge, and concern in regards to a rat zoonotic disease as determined by a survey of Chicago Residents.

Ashriya Ashik Patel

Rethinking Recidivism

Grace Higbie
Beck Hansman
Michael Willner
Charlie O'Gorman

Rocketeer's Squad

Clare Harrison
Esther Alonso
Alejandra Fedriani
David Phlamm
Victoria Castillo
Alicia Cebolla
Maria Sanchez

Roosevelt Fountain Wind-Driven VFD Pump Control

Lorenzo Trentini, Loyola University Chicago
Ryan Gippner, Loyola University Chicago
Brooke Lepore, Loyola University Chicago
Jackson Bradshaw, Loyola University Chicago
David Grimm, Loyola University Chicago

Rush Hour: An Exploration in Dance

Ambryn Meehan

Sarah Rankins E-Portfolio: GiGi's Playhouse

Sarah Rankins, Loyola University Chicago

Senator Duckworth and the Quest to Build Back Better

Grace Reilly

Shared Stem Cells in the Zebrafish Caudal Body and Fin

Fred Pickett
Max McDonnell, Loyola University Chicago
Maya Roytman, Loyola University Chicago
Grace Manske, Loyola University Chicago
Shepherd Yancey, Loyola University Chicago
Sydni Hall, Loyola University Chicago
Nicholas Tomaras, Loyola University Chicago
Victoria Teregulova, Loyola University Chicago
Shireen Baig, Loyola University Chicago
Zil Barot, Loyola University Chicago
Kyle Boedeker, Loyola University Chicago
Andrew Locke, Loyola University Chicago
Robin Pelia, Loyola University Chicago
Emma Loftesnes, Loyola University Chicago
Allison Watts, Loyola University Chicago
Olivia Larson, Loyola University Chicago
Ilia Tomov, Loyola University Chicago
Paula Martin, Loyola University Chicago

Single Mothers and the Covid-19 Pandemic

Jocelyn Arroyo, Loyola University Chicago
Tracy DeHart, Loyola University Chicago

Social Inclusion and Minority Rights: Analyzing North African Constitutions

MacKenzie Rachel Haarlow

Social Justice Internship GirlForward- Hernandez Giselle

Giselle Hernandez

Social Justice Internship: Catholic Charities Grant Writing

Rebekah Lin Follis

Social Media & Consumer Engagement: Ice Squad

Justin Meline
Chris Wayman
Matthew Keyes
Daanyaal Khalid
Garrett Trzcinski
Ethan Lucero

Software Validation Tool for Infusion Pumps

Patrick Cichon, Loyola University Chicago
Natasha Nakhasi, Loyola University Chicago
Madelyn McCullen, Loyola University Chicago
Cassie Grosskopf, Loyola University Chicago

Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis

Millie Martinez

Solid Waste Management

Kimberly Garcia

Sophia Cowles, EXCM 395 Internship EPortfolio

Sophia Cowles

Squad Cowboy Leisure and Lifestyle

Daniel Crowley, Loyola University Chicago
Aidan Sullivan, Loyola University Chicago
Brandon Beahan, Loyola University Chicago
Minela Muminovic, Loyola University Chicago
Raul Castro, Loyola University Chicago
Matt O'Connor, Loyola University Chicago

Squad Dino: Travel & Hospitality Market Research

Alexandra Rudock
Nisha Singla
Nadia Soto
Michael Hamer
Andrew Micus
Harsh Bhatt
Luis Pacheco

Squad Peacock Statement of Work

Ainsley O'Connor
Haley Eisaman
Allison Witecha
Caroline Geller
Courtney Mueting
Krusha Patel
Perla Solano

Squad Peanut - Social, Digital & Media

Claudia Bugatto Perez
Armando Navarro Morales
Francisco Javier Chaves Rodero
Rocío García-Calabrés Pedrajas
Alberto Arjona Guerrero
Álvaro Marín Capitán

State Flow-based Real-Time Control of Storage Units in Smart Grids

Lorenzo Trentini

State-dependent Neural Inhibition by Extracellular Stimulation

Elena Dean
Vincent Hall
Harshita Ambati
Samantha Runions

Statement of Work: Carousel Squad

Ana Cortes Lopera
Haley Yeager, Loyola University Chicago
Alvaro Fernandez Navarro, Loyola University Chicago
Katalina Pavon, Loyola University Chicago
Carlos Ostos Gonzalez, Loyola University Chicago
Antonio Faya Jimenez, Loyola University Chicago

Sterile Neutrino as Dark Matter in Non-standard Cosmology

Kiet A. Nguyen, Loyola University Chicago
Walter Tangarife PhD., Loyola University Chicago

Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter

Zachary T. Long, Loyola University Chicago

Stop Sexual Assault BIT by BIT

Christina Paskon

Stories of Building Food Sovereignty in Chicago in BIPOC Communities

Lori Cornelius

Structural Processes that Lead to Voter Disenfranchisement

Pooja Rai

Structure and Function of PhLP-3

Elizabeth Kojak

Suffering in Silence: Black Maternal Mortality and Epistemic Injustice

Yosan Lebab

Superfund Sites and their Health Implications

Katrina McNew

Susceptibility to Phishing and Victims’ Views of Love, Romance and Red Flags: Economic and Psychological Coercion in Virtual Space

Anna Hart

Synthesis and Mechanistic Study of Mild-Mediated C-H Metal Activation Reactions

Lucas Manuszak, Loyola University Chicago
Yuxuan Zhang, Loyola University Chicago

Synthesis of Tetrazole Thioether Analogs as DapE Inhibitors as Potential Novel Antibiotics

Teerana Thabthimthong

System Modeling of Brain-Neuromuscular Functions for Developing Brain Computer Interface

Madelyn McCullen, Loyola University Chicago
Patrick Chan, Loyola University Chicago

Target Stock Pitch

Lukasz Duda, Loyola University Chicago

Team Alien Invaders

Christian Santoro

Team Visionaries Project Cannonball

Brenden M. Oeth
Jennifer M. Myslinski, Loyola University Chicago
Philip J. Farley, Loyola University Chicago
Aly Kilburg, Loyola University Chicago

Teratogens-Isabel Almeida

Isabel Almeida

The Clown Clique

Romil Yadav
Sean M. Mulligan
Robert G. Oliva
David A. Roa
Nicolas Castellanos
Lucas Apparecido

The Coffee Squad: Travel and Hospitality

Zoya Boskovic, Loyola University Chicago
Mary Berger, Loyola University Chicago
Denise Gonzalez, Loyola University Chicago
Valeria Heinemann de la Fuente, Loyola University Chicago
Lorenza Martinez, Loyola University Chicago
Madison Worts, Loyola University Chicago

The Community of Community Organizing

Abinaya Wiggins

The Danger of Biodiversity Loss

Aidan Stotz

The Double Bottom Line: Achieving impact, achieving profit by Ramat T. Mohammed

Ramat Tahiru Mohammed

The Effect of Environmental Pollutants on the Increasing Prevalence of Asthma-Allergies

Olivia Crossman

The Effect of Philippine Plastic Pollution on Human Health

Stephanie Kruk

The Effectivity of Sodium Monofluorophosphate in Inhibiting Streptococcus mutans Growth in Comparison to Sodium Fluoride

Cassidy Richerme

The Environmental Effects of Fast Fashion

Naomi Shah

The Ephrin-B2 signal regulates the response of auditory nerve fibers (ANFs) during neural development

Ursula Qureshi
Christina Du

The Ethical Implications of Ineffective Advanced Directive Use

Jennifer Kovalcik
Sohaib Mirza
Ursula Qureshi
Demetrios Kamiotis

The Facilitation of Ableism in Dance Audience Members

Arielle McKeever

The Flint Water Crisis, Fertility, and Birth Outcomes

Abigail Doyle

The genetic and environmental contributions of cardiometabolic diseases in African-origin populations

Kayla Bozeman

The GEO Group Investment Report

Andi Lutolli

The Hormone Project: Oral Hormonal Contraceptives & The Human Gut Microbiome

Sri Contractor

The Impact of a Mindfulness Mobile Application on Compassion and Psychological Well-being

Marie Chamberlain, Loyola University Chicago
Carol Hundert Gonzales M.A., Loyola University Chicago
Colleen Conley Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago

The Impact of Urban Green Space on Mental Health

Jana Rokitta

The Importance of Human Perceptions of Algorithmic Bias in Video Interviewing Software

Theresa Fister

The Interplay Between ASD Symptomatology and Camouflaging on the Adjustment to College in Female Students with and without ASD

Lauren Ruesink
Gabriella Stec, Loyola University Chicago
Maddie Fitzpatrick, Loyola University Chicago
Cameron Boone, Loyola University Chicago

The Link Between Mental Health and Physical Health

Amar Patel

The Lived Experiences of Nursing Students in Nursing Education with Implicit Racial Bias

Seth Hawkins Huisenga, Loyola University Chicago

The Mozart Effect & The Arousal Mood Hypothesis

Ethan Wang
Marissa Arreola
Edward Baumgarten
Tenzing Sherpa

The Non-Profit Experience: The Chicago Refugee Coalition

Ariana Amini

The Powerful Influence of both Active and Passive Rhetoric and its Deleterious Effects when Used Improperly

Chloe Ryan

The prevalence of trauma in the Dunning Cemetery Population (1849 - 1861)

Sofia Ponce

The role of caffeine, nicotine and theobromine in the biodiversity and function of the human gut microbiome

Thomas Gabriel Stanila

The Role of Ribbon in Gonad Development in Drosophila melanogaster

Natalia Sorbjan

The Role of Trc in Glial Development

Lucy Eleanor Deane, Loyola University Chicago

The Role of Trc in the Development of Glial Subtypes in Drosophila Melanogaster

Daniel Martinez

The Underrepresented and Unheard Voices: Children's Literature

Neira Hujdur
Orly Wolf

The Underrepresented and Unheard Voices: ​ Children’s Literature

Orly Wolf
Neira Hujdur

The Unseen Assassin

Elle Laurencelle

The World of Arachnids and Observational findings

Jose Reyna
Julia Rygiel

The Zajal and the Villancico: The Path to Modern Spanish Christmas Carols

Lucy Calzada

Theatrical Intimacy

Margaret Bittinger

Time Dependence of Cosmic Ray Anisotropy

Katherine Jo Gruchot, Loyola University Chicago

Tinkering With Technology

Noelle Pittman

Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Bad

Tijana Nikolic

Trans Contact Relates to More Positive Trans Attitudes

Kamryn Hinkle

Trends in Maternal Mortality since the Start of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Maria Price

Trendsetters Methods and Technology

Raffaela Olshansky, Loyola University Chicago
Carly Corral, Loyola University Chicago
Paige Petty, Loyola University Chicago
Angela Arias Garza, Loyola University Chicago
Joseph Ward, Loyola University Chicago

TSMC Investment Report

Benjamin Wang

U.S. District Court Internship - Judicial Privacy Act Project

Johnny Khuu

Uncovering the Neural Circuitry of SIFa-regulated Rhythmic Feeding Behaviors

Ariel Stepankovskaya

Understanding How Mask Wearing and Gesture can Impact Vocabulary Learning

Agna Patel

United Health Group Stock Pitch

David Venkatesan

Urban Rat Control

Ellen Beach

Using ZIP-Level Population Data to Predict Food Truck Success in Chicago

Willa Countryman
Shane Riley
Avery Tritz

Vaccine Hesitancy and Moral Persuasion

Max Vitro

Vaccine Hesitancy: Past, Present, and Future

Katrina McNew

Verizon Communications Inc Investment Report

Darek Bryja

Veronica Aguado Cardiac Rehabilitation Internship Presentation

Veronica Aguado

Vertical Stratification of Mammals in the Amazon

Jesus Mucio Leal
John Resener, Loyola University Chicago

Water Conservation and Efficiency in Recreational Buildings at Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus

John Gorman, Loyola University Chicago
Elizabeth Hallissey, Loyola University Chicago
Kelly Tanquary, Loyola University Chicago
Reanne Baniqued, Loyola University Chicago

Water Quality in Chicago: Leading the Change against Lead

Valerie Alvarez

Water, Lead Poisoning, and Human Health

Reanne Baniqued

​Webtracker: Real Webbrowsing Behaviors

Daisy Reyes
Eno Dynowski
John Mikos

Wellness in the Workplace: An Analysis on the Office Environment and Mental Health in Chicago and NYC

Kira Schoof
Arielle McKeever
Bryn Reimer
Cassi Heintz

Whale Squad Athleisure Project

Nathaniel Balli, Loyola University Chicago
Ethan Magrady, Loyola University Chicago
Emmanuel Cano, Loyola University Chicago
Filippo Chiaramondia, Loyola University Chicago
Isaac Reyes, Loyola University Chicago
Lennert Krueger, Loyola University Chicago

When do cook county residents support calling the police?

Andrew Byrne

Who is interested in participating in participatory budgeting?

Madeline Jackson

Who Supports Local Immigration Ordinances?

Pablo Guzman Rivera

Why Composting Should Become Everyday Practice

Joaquin Guzman, Loyola University Chicago

Wireless Remote Display for Safety Critical Therapy Management

Georgia Cogsdill
Alex Brindza
Lynn Tran
Evelyn Zurawski